20 Amazing Tattoos That Turned Scars Into Art

Scars are marks that often help tell a part of our story, and there is no shame in displaying them with pride. However, many people prefer to hide or remove them in some way, and this is also their right.

For these cases, many tattoo artists do an impressive job of transforming scars and marks in general into true works of art.

#1. A beautiful way to erase the marks of the past.

#2. The scar was subtle, but the tattoo worked magically in this case too!

#3. Nature herself tried to help you get this tattoo.

#4. Can anyone see the scar after the tattoo?

#5. A way to put your scar on for a great play.

#6. There was once another burn scar.

#7. Scar totally hidden by beautiful art.

#8. This is transformation.

#9. This woman will hardly find a person in the world with a tattoo like her.

#10. This tattoo artist deserves an award!

#11. With the correct technique, you can turn any unwanted scar or mark into a stunning tattoo.

#12. Another tattoo artist who was on a day inspired.

#13. For many people, these tattoos help restore their self-esteem.

#14. Simply beautiful, it is almost impossible to notice that there is a scar there.

#15. Another who used good humor to play with his own body marks.

#16. It is even difficult to locate the scar at first.

#17. When your scar becomes the spine of a fish.

#18. Being unique and original is not for everyone.

Do you have tattoos that cover your scars? Leave them in the comments! Share this gallery with your tattoo friends for inspiration to cover a scar.

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