20 Amazing Design Ideas That Made Even The Simplest Objects Special

Every day, from sunrise to sunset, we use and find ourselves among hundreds of objects without realizing it. We are so used to many of them that we are convinced that the functions they perform and the forms they take are always the same, well defined, practically immutable.

But this is not the case, because in the hands of a good designer even the simplest thing can become unique and special . We realize this when we are faced with ideas big and small which, with a touch of practicality, originality, elegance and utility, have improved many situations. The photos below are devoted to these brilliant ideas: discover 20 examples of design for everyone!

#1. Some elevators in Japan have a special signal that warns people if it is raining outside.

image credit: 5_Frog_Margin/reddit

#2. This chair is perfect for hanging bags and purses that would otherwise stay messy.

image credit: crazycatchick/reddit

#3. In this school, the desks are equipped with pedals which allow the young pupils to keep moving during school hours.

image credit: LurkerMcLurkerton/reddit

#4. In this Korean gas station, the pumps are attached to the ceiling, so drivers don’t have to worry about their tank side.

image credit: Imgur

#5. This special biker vest has integrated stop lights and turn signals in the back to increase safety and visibility.

image credit: joat217/reddit

#6. These manholes in Seattle have a cover with the city map engraved on them.

image credit: JGBorn/reddit

#7. These faucets are activated via the knees to maximize hygiene.

image credit: YungestFrankie/reddit

#8. In this store, the baskets have two different colors: one means that you prefer to do it yourself, the other that you want to be taken care of by a salesperson.

image credit: Imgur

#9. This company’s sleep masks have two sides: one for “do not disturb”, the other for “waking me up at mealtime”.

image credit: reddit

#10. These handles are not attached to the floor to facilitate floor cleaning.

image credit: SockPants/reddit

#11. Original hot sauce confections that look like dynamite!

image credit: noleggedmonkey/reddit

#12. This staircase has a ramp for the disabled “incorporated” into the steps.

image credit: DavidMaspanka/reddit

#13. Who said that even a simple counter cannot turn into something unique and quaint?

image credit: reddit

#14. A skateboard rack is truly a smart and unique gadget!

image credit: reddit

#15. Fun for everyone: this special swing can also be used by people in wheelchairs.

image credit: reddit

#16. Even a simple railing can be both beautiful and practical – you can sit in those nooks and crannies!

image credit: LCenter/reddit

#17. When style and practicality combine to give a result that is nothing short of amazing.

image credit: TheSmartanator/reddit

#18. This is an ordinary towel bar, but it is made much more spectacular by the fact that it looks like Mount Fuji.

image credit: AlexRid3r427/reddit

#19. A well-equipped animal toilet at the airport

image credit: twotea/reddit

#20. An ingenious bench with a reversible backrest, perfect for looking back and forth when seated.

image credit: reddit

Have you ever thought that these objects could be redesigned in such a revolutionary way?

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