Louis Vuitton Unveils Airplane-shaped Bag That Costs More Than A Real Airplane.

How many things can you do with 32,000 euros? Vacation, car, investment, charity, or … buy a bag. No, we’re not kidding, because according to one of Louis Vuitton’s latest creations, it seems that it takes that amount to own an accessory that, let’s face it, is really very special, for better and for the worst!

Before showing it to you in more detail, know that the bag in question, in the shape of an airplane, quickly became a real social phenomenon, and aroused general astonishment and irony. One reason among all? At that price, we could buy … a real plane!


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The fact that haute couture brands have accustomed us over the years to all kinds of extravagance is nothing new. The famous French brand, with this bag, seems to have presented another. Virgil Abloh, designer and creative director of the signature men’s collection, unveiled what at first glance almost appears to be a model airplane, complete with wings, engines, and a cockpit to store small items. All, of course, covered in the famous brown leather with the “LV” logos.


It is undoubtedly an original accessory and, in some respects, fun which, according to the intentions of the brand, best represents the combination of travel and luxury. The goal is precisely to “redefine archetypes and dress codes”, even for the men, for whom this airplane bag is intended.

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The 32,000 euros to pay to acquire it shows that it is a real luxury reserved for few elected officials. Admitting that we can afford it, we must admit that the doubts ironically raised by many Internet users have a basis of truth. Some people pointed out that for this sum you could buy a real Cessna plane, second-hand but in excellent condition, and that there would still be money left!


And if exorbitantly priced bags like this are nothing new in the world of haute couture, this miniature private jet presented by Louis Vuitton as part of its 2021 men’s collection has become a real phenomenon of mockery, criticism. and joke.


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And you what do you think? If you could spend that money to treat yourself, would you go for the bag or a real plane?

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