Adult Site Model Kicked Out Of Supermarket For Her Outfit

Clothes are often seen as mere outward manifestations of a person’s character. Most of the time, the way a person dresses describes their inner self much more than words. It is precisely for this reason that everyone should be free to wear what they want , even if there are what we consider to be limits, depending on where we are. But is it right to have to limit your personality and change your clothes because you risk undermining the morality of others?

The adult site model, at the center of the story we’re about to tell, was kicked out of a supermarket for wearing shorts that were too short . Let’s take a closer look at what happened.


Kerolay Chaves is a 21 year old young woman who works as a model on an adult site. Through her profiles, she shares photos and videos in which she shows her daily life. It was through Instagram that she wanted to tell what happened to her when she went shopping. To go to the supermarket, she had decided to wear clothes that she thought were completely normal, namely a crop top and mini denim shorts . Unfortunately for her, employees and other customers apparently did not like her clothes, as she was asked to leave the premises because she was excessively naked .

“ I had just arrived at the supermarket to buy some biscuits, but people immediately started looking askance at me because of my outfit, they looked at me with prejudice. Finally, an employee asked me to leave. I was kicked out simply because of the clothes I was wearing. I was offended by the gratuitous hatred I received. I think all the insults I received were related to the fear of an emancipated woman , who dresses however she wants. Unfortunately, I have to deal with this behavior every day. “


Even the post where she tells her story did not go unnoticed. Indeed, many people chimed in to comment, pointing out that there’s no reason to dress like this: ” You don’t have to dress like that to go to the supermarket ” or ” we embarrass people.” ‘other people, who are often there with children ‘.

However, alongside the detractors, there are also supporters, who have come out in favor of the girl, arguing that everyone should be free to dress as they see fit.

And you what do you think ?

Source used:

New York Post

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