21 Adopted Animal Pictures That Were ‘Disneyfied’ To Show Their Happiness

If you don’t know what “Disneyficar” means but you are a lover of Disney movies, this article will steal your heart. This word came from the idea of ​​creating an animation of your pet in the style of Disney movies.

The 22-year-old illustrator Isa Bredt is a great admirer of the brand and she was the one who started this new trend, which at first started only as a hobby and is now proclaimed by thousands of people to draw their dogs, cats, and other pets. Many of them were adopted and show the face of happiness after giving them a second chance.

Check out some of his cutest work.

#1. This puppy is very happy to be encouraged.

#2. A very elegant kitten.

#3. Este par es adorable.

#4. More tender, impossible.

#5. Its essence even in caricature.

#6. Vampire kitten.

#7. This image is just perfect.

#8. This kitty doesn’t like photos.

#9. Yes, this image is 100% real.

#10. One of the 101 Dalmatians got away.

#11. Perfection.

#12. The exact moment.

#13. They steal our hearts.

#14. What a great smell!

#15. A little nap.

#16. This dog is beautiful.

#17. Perfect recreation of this puppy.

#18. Beautiful and unique.

#19. The fox and the hound?

#20. I think something wants.

#21. We will remember you to Heaven.

What did you think of these illustrations? Comment which one was your favorite and if you would like your pet to have its own drawing. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family.

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