Everything you need to know about Succulents

The succulents are a real success. Their diversity captivated many people who adopted them to decorate their homes and gardens. But what are succulents, today we will clarify some points.

Succulents are plants, there are more than 22 thousand species of succulents cataloged worldwide.

One of the main characteristics of succulents is that it is a plant with roots, stems or leaves that thicken, allowing the storage of water in larger quantities. This capacity makes them low maintenance plants.

How to Deal with Succulents

In reality, succulents despite their fragile appearance are very resistant plants and reproduce easily, below we will explain how to plant succulents.

Succulents can be planted in different ways and in different types of containers. They can be planted alone or combined with others of the same species. It depends a lot on the personal taste of each one.

Although resistant, they require some essential care to remain strong and beautiful and to reproduce more easily. Check out some care with succulents.

How to care for succulents

Succulents are plants that can be planted indoors and outdoors. As they are produced quite easily, it is important to be careful to see if I need to change locations or remove some leaves.

The succulent must be in a space with enough light. It is a plant that seeks light and if it does not receive the light it grows in search of it. It is normal to see succulents growing vertically, in these cases you must change their location.

Another “symptom” that you may notice is the loss of a little color, in this case, put it in a brighter place.

In order to have beautiful and healthy succulents, it is important to take care when planting them, the soil must be prepared with substrate and sand in a 1: 1 ratio. For each glass of substrate, you should place a glass of sand. The sand will help to keep the mixture drier and looser.


How and when to water succulents

Like cacti, succulents do not need much water to survive. You don’t need to water every day.

Succulents accumulate water inside. The amount of watering times varies greatly from species to species. Most species only need to be watered infrequently.

In the winter months it is recommended to water the plant every fifteen days, in summer it is recommended to water the plant once a week.

You should be careful to see if the vessel has drainage, that is, holes so as not to accumulate too much water on the bottom.

Excess water and moisture can cause roots and leaves to rot.

It should be watered by pouring water only on the soil.


How to breed succulents at home

The reproduction of succulents is a very easy and simple process.

To reproduce succulents you must place the leaves on the ground, just land without burying. Then magic occurs, over time the leaves will reproduce. It is a long but beautiful process.

There is a lot of demand for succulents and due to its ease of growth and maintenance it can be a way to make money selling succulents.




Creative Ideas for Planting Succulents

In addition to placing your succulents in pots, you can use your imagination to plant them in different containers. See some different and original ideas that we have separated for you.












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