Flying Dragons Exist And They Are A Wonder Of Nature

These animals seem to have come out of a magical world.

For hundreds of years, humans have been in awe of incredible mythological beings like dragons. There are legends of these fantastic creatures that have captivated millions of people throughout history. Unfortunately, dragons as we imagine them do not exist, but nature surprises us with a genus of animals that are closest to dragons.

The Draco genus, also known as “flying dragons”, belongs to the Agamidae family of lizards. These lizards live in the trees of the tropical forests of Southeast Asia.


These wonderful animals are 8 to 10 inches long. They have membranes on the side of their trunk which allows them to glide from tree to tree, reaching up to 60 meters in distance, losing only 10 meters in altitude.


The diet of the reptiles of this genus is based mainly on insects, especially tree ants.


The only time these animals come down from the trees is when it is time to reproduce. The male flying dragon uses its folding membranes to get the female’s attention and thus initiate the courtship process.


After copulation, the female makes a small hole in the ground where she lays about 4 to 5 eggs, covers them with soil and leaves. The mother only stays with her eggs for 24 hours, after which she abandons the surveillance and returns to the heights.


The colors and characteristics of each flying dragon vary depending on the species, but they all have peculiarities that make them unique.


These animals are undoubtedly a beauty of nature that seem out of a fairy tale.

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