Abnormal Heat Wave Hit Us And Canada: 15 Photos Show Us What Happened.

No one was prepared for the heatwave that hit North America: in some areas, such as Oregon, Washington State, and Canada, temperatures reached as high as 50 degrees Celsius. Sudden and abnormal temperatures since, in these regions, temperatures rarely reach 30 degrees. Because of this, the population found themselves completely caught off guard: there are no air conditioners installed in the houses and people had to deal with the effects of these temperatures, trying to find shelter and invent a solution. Tar breaks down, candles twist can shatter, food cooks in the sun, flowers wither, animals cannot roam outside. And these are perhaps only the less important issues that people have faced. Residents of these areas have shared photos, and we can only imagine what it is like to live in such extreme temperatures.

#1. “I kept hearing strange noises. I looked outside and …”

image credit: DeabyOxygen/reddit

#2. The car has been transformed into a small swimming pool to allow the dog to rest too.

image credit: Cheese_Good81 / reddit

#3. The heat is so strong that even the candles bend.

image credit: brooklyn_onair/twitter

#4. Even the facades of houses are melting.

image credit: MollyBloom10/twitter

#5. The condition of plants before and after the heat wave.

image credit: imgur

#6. You can cook an egg by simply leaving the pan in the sun.

image credit: defish/reddit

#7. The fresh produce section has been completely emptied.

image credit: needleandtorch/reddit

#8. Even cats suffer from heat.

image credit: DevonO7 / twitter

The teachers have thought of putting a rag wet with cold water on their backs: they can momentarily be relieved.

#9. A photo showing the condition of the pavement in the streets of Portland.

image credit: BizballMaury/twitter

#10. Even the cat is looking for a place to stay cool.

image credit: autopsis/reddit

#11. “I took advantage of the heat today to bake cookies in the car”

image credit: larkerene/reddit

Indeed, why turn on the oven?

#12. Even the tar has melted and cleaning everything up is a big business.

image credit: scilRS/reddit

#13. People try to find shelter by sticking aluminum foil on doors where the sun is shining.

image credit: huprice/twitter

#14. The skateboard track is filled with water: an alternative pool.

image credit: TuckerJaroll/twitter

#15. A swimming pool for the little raccoon: he too needs to cool off.

image credit: MarisaBrantley/twitter

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