Abandoned But Fascinating: 15 Places Where Time Has Left An Indelible Mark.

What is so special about an abandoned place? First of all, its a special charm. Irresistible, magical, disturbing and melancholy at the same time, a mixture of sensations that tells us stories of people, houses, and objects that are no longer there.

It is no coincidence that places abandoned by man and devoured by time are perfect for taking memorable photos, like the ones we are about to show you. In these places, everything seems frozen in time, but in reality, everything is much more in motion than you might think. Nature and the passage of days, months, and years manage to shape everything in a slow but inexorable way. Thus, what was once brilliant and sparkling, becomes enveloped in a unique charm, claimed by the elements.

#1. An entire abandoned island, located in Japan

image credit: Import/reddit

The decadent charm of this place is truly unique, isn’t it? This is a former offshore coal mining facility.

#2. No one has “eaten” there for a long time ….

image credit: WideEyes369/reddit

This restaurant is located in Victorville, California, and you only have to look at its photo to feel a sense of desolation mixed with interest, right?

#3. It used to be a busy intersection …

image credit: reddit

Today, nature takes back its spaces and transformed it in this way. It is located near Ottawa, Canada.

#4. The colors of these buildings are not as vibrant as they once were.

image credit: reddit

#5. Is there anything more fascinating than an abandoned castle in the middle of an island?

image credit: monomotive/reddit

The answer is probably no, and indeed this Irish place is quite amazing!

#6. When cold and ice cover everything, even small everyday objects.

image credit: Afferent_Input/reddit

An abandoned building in the Russian city of Vorkuta, immortalized by Maria Passer: time seems to have literally stood still here.

#7. Who knows why these heads of American presidents were left there in the middle of a field in Virginia.

image credit: reddit

#8. A place of conviviality? Maybe once.

image credit: hallchristheurbexman/reddit

Today this bar has a ghostly charm all its own!

#9. Signs of human activity are still visible, but nature is taking over

image credit: reddit

It is an old abandoned textile factory, now in ruins: a real vestige of industrial archeology!

#10. It is now integrated into the beautiful surrounding landscape.

image credit: hsangnaes/reddit

The MS World Discoverer was a German cruise ship. It struck an unexplored reef in the Solomon Islands on April 29, 2000.

#11. Unexpected surprises inside a hangar

image credit: reddit

Who knows how many stories this beautiful abandoned car could tell!

#12. The only spectators now are the rays of the sun.

image credit: pupsikandr/reddit

It is impressive, and at the same time intriguing, to observe the seats of this abandoned theater.

#13. Overwhelmed by the desert, more and more

image credit: DrFetusRN/reddit

A real struggle between this house and the force of the elements. It is located in California.

#14. The most appropriate word is undoubtedly “scary”.

image credit: reddit

This old abandoned mansion in Italy can only intrigue and arouse admiration, right?

#15. Something is watching us from the vegetation: this abandoned house seems to act as a “sentry” on the road!

image credit: reddit

Have you ever seen or visited abandoned and fascinating places like these?

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