A Boy Notices A Strange “Path” Which Leads To The Lake From The Waters Will Emerge A Wreckage Of The War.

We know that everything around us has inevitably been marked by historical events every little discovery, event, or fact that happened hundreds of years ago may have significantly shaped our present. For this reason, when one discovers an ancient discovery or something new in ancient civilizations, the scientific community is always in turmoil. Who knows what experts and historians felt when they found these relics of history at the bottom of a lake in Estonia and Lake Detroit (USA).


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While walking along the shores of Lake Kurtna in the Lake District of Estonia, a young boy noticed something very bizarre a path through trees carved into the earth that led directly into the water.


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After sharing the news with parents and the local community, a crowd of curious people gathered on the spot and noticed that something was buried in the lake.


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The attempts of the people to try to exhume the relic were unsuccessful, so it was necessary and indispensable the involvement of the authorities who, with the appropriate equipment, managed to shed light on this mystery .


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Using a heavy towing vehicle and using chains and ropes hung by a group of divers from the submerged object, authorities brought to the surface “the thing” that was nestled in the lake.


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Too caught up in curiosity and enthusiasm, people decided to help heavy bulldozers armed with shovels to remove excess mud, until a huge WWII vehicle came to them. be revealed. 


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It was a Soviet tank still in perfect condition, abandoned in the reflecting pool. 


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According to historians, it was left on purpose in the lake to prevent the enemy from taking possession of the military vehicle and then reusing it against Soviet units. This is not the first time that something has been hidden and obscured by the waters of a river or a lake, this story is in fact very similar to what happened on the other side of the world. at Lake Detroit in the United States.


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About 100 miles from Portland (USA), the North Santiam River is interrupted, forming the Detroit Dam and the lake of the same name. In autumn, each year, the dam is opened and the lake drained in order to rediscover all that the valley sheltered before it was flooded. Of the lush forest that once populated the region, only the tree trunks remain, in a sight that is both disturbing and striking. 


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The Ghost Forest, however, isn’t the only beauty the lake hides when the dam is closed. A few years ago, in a period of severe drought that followed low rainfall throughout the year, a relic that had been hidden for a hundred years came to the surface. It was an old tank from 1875 that was found, which led researchers to an old settlement from 1880 of about 200 people built along the North Santiam River.

Even the inhabitants of this small village, once surrounded by the greenery of a lush forest, have had to make room for progress despite their attachment to their land and to the city built at the cost of hard work. Two very different stories but both “brought to the surface” after so many years!

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