It’s Raining Banknotes: A Truck Loses The Money It Was Carrying And Motorists Rush To Collect It (+ Video).

How would you react if, walking down the street, it rained banknotes almost as if by a miracle? Sounds like a surreal scene from a movie or TV series: some are trying to collect as many tickets as possible and others may be trying to figure out where all that money is coming from. Each of us would probably behave differently, but the temptation to grab a big pile of money is great for everyone. 


image credit: demi_bagby/Instagram

On a busy California highway near Carlsbad, motorists witnessed an incredible scene: an armored truck owned by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation began to lose banknotes: the bags of banknotes it was carrying to the rear had opened. The back door also suddenly opened, and a huge amount of dollars began to cover the road frequented by cars. Motorists then witnessed this almost miraculous scene.


image credit: demi_bagby/Instagram

The driver of the truck first tried to remedy this huge problem by trying to get the money back. But he immediately realized that there was nothing he could do: all the bags with the tickets were spilled on the road. In the meantime, the drivers, who had stopped in the street due to traffic, got out of the car.


image credit: demi_bagby/Instagram

Fitness influencer Demi Bagby, who was on the freeway at the time, took a video and posted it on Instagram. The surreal video quickly went viral and wasted no time in touring the world. On the clips, we can see the astonished and surprised reactions of motorists. Dozens and dozens of people, looking dreamy, knelt on the asphalt and tried to grab as many bills as possible. 


This money, however, could not be taken freely: although this scene looks like a miracle, the money belonged to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and each person was forced to return the tickets to the various offices of the financial institution. in the metropolis of San Diego. But no one could know: after all, who would have acted differently?

source used: Daily Star

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