A Single Father Adopts An Orphan Child: Today He Is An Olympic Champion.

His name is Jordan Windle, he is 21 years old and today he is one of the athletes of the United States Dive Team. Its story, however, has moved and captured the hearts of internet users. Jordan was adopted when he was 18 months old from a single gay dad – Jerry – who raised him on his own and supported him throughout his athletic career. An exceptional event still today, but absolutely unique at the end of the 90s. Papa Jerry certainly did not have it easy, but during these Olympic Games, he became the symbol of a society that can change.  

When the love of parents exceeds all adversity


image credit: Instagram / jordanpiseywindle

If you think that today international adoptions are just over 5,000 in the whole of the United States, it’s easy to understand how the story of Jerry Windle and his son Jordan is extraordinary.  Jerry, a young homosexual, has succeeded in adopting little Jordan of Korean origin.  The only 18-month-old baby was orphaned by both parents, who died in a traffic accident.

Although single, Jerry managed to care for his adopted son on his own who – at the time – was not in good health.  He followed it with great attention in his studies and then discovered his passion for swimming and diving .


image credit: Instagram / jordanpiseywindle

“When I saw him in the water,” said Jerry, “I realized that was his primary dimension.  From the start the kid was perfectly comfortable in the pool and loved the jumps. any height.  I just wanted him to be healthy and happy: in the world of sports, Jordan has found his balance . “

A passion that is difficult to cultivate, but which has led Jordan to increasingly convincing results.  His athletic career took off and was of great satisfaction to both.

An exceptional dad for an exceptional boy


image credit: Instagram / jordanpiseywindle

A story of love and success that Windle told in 2011 in a book called “An orphan no more: the story of a boy.” A story that does not want to be an extraordinary story but, on the contrary, the story of a life that can be that of everyone when love and altruism replace egoism and materialism.


image credit: Instagram / jordanpiseywindle

Unfortunately, Papa Jerry will not be able to follow his son from the stands due to severe restrictions due to the pandemic.  He will only see his son’s performance on television, like all of us.

“It won’t be the same,” Jordan said. “Sometimes I feel like  I can sense my father’s presence in the stands and his support for me is a defining part of my competitions. But I can feel all of his affection and his heart despite the physical distance that separates us. “


image credit: Instagram / jordanpiseywindle

No doubt, it is thanks to the unconditional love of this father that Jordan was able to achieve such a result! Congratulations to you both!

source used: today.com

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