A Security Camera Immortalizes The Dance Of Joy Of A Homeless Woman: She Passed Her Job Interview (Video).

Dance of happiness: that’s what Kayallah Jones, a 21-year-old woman who had just found out she had a job, did. After months of relentless research, Kayallah finally saw the end of a dark period that had forced her to live on the streets.

The young woman found herself homeless due to the bankruptcy of her family’s store and the illness of one of her brothers. Luckily, she got hired at a place called The Spot, a sports bar and restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia. Leaving the interview, Kayallah launched into a frantic dance, thinking that she would not be seen in the restaurant parking lot. However, she was caught on the CCTV camera, so the video quickly went viral.


image credit: dakara.spence/instagram

The girl danced as if no one was watching, caught on CCTV. It was this simple video that went viral on the Internet: it got over 1.2 million views on Instagram, and 1.5 million on TikTok and Twitter.

Restaurant owner Dakara Spence explained that she hired Jones because she had great energy and felt her positivity as soon as she walked in. She now works there as a waitress. After seeing her dancing in the parking lot, Spence called Jones on the phone, “Right after seeing the security camera footage I dialed her number and called her. I told her I was coming. to see her reaction and that I was excited about her person and looking forward to seeing her at work in my restaurant It was a beautiful moment for me.


image credit: dakara.spence/instagram

Spence also posted a surveillance camera video showing Jones dancing happily. At first Jones can be seen looking around to see if anyone is watching her, then she starts to dance and finally she just casually walks away. In this improvised dance, Kayallah raises her hands and feet and sways with great fervor.

Considering the tough times Jones was going through, getting this job was a really big moment that got her into a dance that has now gone viral. She explained that she felt excited and somewhat overwhelmed by the joy she received from this positive change in her life. In short, a new chapter opens for this young girl full of life. All that remains is to wish him good luck !

source used: abc30

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