Every Day This Paralyzed Man Cleans Plastic From Rivers. A Photo Changed His Life

A simple photo was enough to change the life of Rajappan, a 69-year-old Indian man for whom life has not always been easy.

At the age of 5, this man was struck by polio and remained paralyzed. However, nothing prevents him from continuing to live his life, by accomplishing a mission as important as it is difficult: to clean the plastic waste from the rivers of the area where he lives. It was during this activity that a young photographer immortalized him, and from that moment on, nothing has ever been the same.


image credit: Nandu Ks / Facebook

This photo is meant to make history for the very strong message it conveys. Nandu KS, photographer for Pro Media, was looking for a story to tell, and he apparently found what he was looking for.

Arrived near a bridge, the young man looks in the direction of the river and cannot help noticing Rajappan who passes below in his boat filled with plastic waste . One click was enough, and the life of this elderly and disabled man was changed.


image credit: Nandu KS / Facebook

For years, Rajappan has been collecting plastic bottles, trash, debris, and whatever else pollutes his river for a living. An activity far from easy for him, paralyzed and no longer very young. In the photo Nandu took, however, he smiles confidently, and it is precisely that smile that makes the scene even more fascinating.

“I saw people throw bottles in the river, says the photographer, and he picked them up, filling his boat with plastic and continuing to smile.” For pennies a day , enough money to buy food, Rajappan was there, doing his duty.


image credit: Nandu KS / Facebook

“Someone has to clean up the waste water in the river – says the Indian – I’m doing what I can”. Disarmingly simple, this photo expresses better than a thousand words a powerful message of commitment and dedication , which goes beyond all adversity and can inspire all of us.

Nandu’s photo became common knowledge, so much so that the Indian Prime Minister publicly praised Rajappan, making him even more famous. At this point, help was quick to arrive. The 69-year-old disabled man has not only received the support of the United Nations, but also that of many fellow citizens, who have started to send him gifts in thanks for what he does .


image credit: Pro media/Youtube

Among the most significant are that of a businessman who bought the man a new motorboat , as well as that of a company that donated a motorized wheelchair to Rajappan . There are also plans to build a new house where this man can live safely.

In short, this photo was a real spark that ignited a flame of solidarity and brought to light the incredible reality of Rajappan. Sometimes a chance encounter can really change everything.

Source used

Nandu KS/Facebook

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