The Right Photo At The Right Time. 21 Images That Deserve A Perfect Timing Award.

Sometimes we don’t realize it, but around us, there are hundreds of opportunities to capture scenes that are anything but ordinary. All it takes is an eye – and a little luck! – to become the protagonists of memorable photos.

Think for example of all those shots made extraordinary thanks to the right angle , the right subjects and of course perfect timing . It’s really amazing how sometimes even the simplest and most common situations can turn into something else, scenes that almost seem to come from another dimension. We’ve put together 21 images below that show you can do great things right now!

#1. At the right time, in the right place, with the right photo: really great!

image credit: SaidBl1/reddit

#2. The bride and groom have been “framed”!

image credit: kidcudilovrr/reddit

#3. This fortuitous ray of light that passed right there

image credit: ndianladka/reddit

#4. Lightning and crossing the rainbow: a very good shot!

image credit: jerm1323/reddit

#5. In this photo, my cat seems to be in the center of a sort of “magic circle”!

image credit: snippystring/reddit

#6. Just before the fall!

image: reddit

#7. A tasty … steaming ice cream? !

image credit: fel1xshaw/reddit

#8. Obviously he was hungry …

image credit: infinityxero/reddit

#9. The exact moment he lost his glasses!

image credit: rMomsNext/reddit

#10. All the power of nature in one shot taken at the right time

image credit: reddit

#11. He looks like a great Indian chief!

image credit: Imgur

#12. Fish face!

image credit: Imgur

#13. Look at the reflection of this father pointing to the fish: it looks like he’s yelling at them!

image credit: Imgur

#14. Congratulations on the “afro” hairstyle!

image credit: Samuraj13/reddit

#15. When the midday light makes these posts pass like floating structures in the air

image credit: mike_pants/reddit

#16. He walks on water!

image credit: Imgur

#17. Fun and scary at the same time!

image credit: sreenath66666666/Instagram

#18. The shape of this water splash is … an elephant!

image credit: BasedOnAir/reddit

#19. He has found his like!

image credit: reddit

#20. Excellent outlook and timing!

image credit: Imgur

#21. An “eclipse” seen through the wing of this bird: simply marvelous!

image credit: Andthenabird/reddit

Have you ever taken pictures with perfect timing like these?

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