A Lost Parrot Has Been Found In A Station And Keeps Announcing The Arrival Of The Metro.

The Parrots are incredibly intelligent animals: although their brain is smaller than that of other mammals, it is nevertheless highly developed. These birds have a wide range of abilities: in addition to being able to communicate with others, they can talk. The story we are going to tell you is that of Gray, a mischievous parrot. The bird, owned by a family, was lost, only to be found in a comic situation.


image credit: Ahmed Zayan/Unsplash

Gray is a parrot who one day snuck out the back door of his home in Tadworth, Surrey, England, and decided to go on an adventure. His owner, Karlene, was shocked by this runaway and feared that he had lost him forever. The 39-year-old says:

It was Friday afternoon and we were sitting in the kitchen having a cup of tea not knowing our door was open. Gray flew out of the living room and walked straight out the back door. We tried to lure him down the trees but he didn’t come. Locals said they spotted him, then Saturday morning arrived and we hadn’t seen him for a while … We started to lose hope. Then my son saw the photo on Twitter and we thought ‘this is him!’ and we couldn’t believe it.


image credit: Souroush Karimi Unsplash

Fortunately, the story ends well: Staff at Waterloo Underground station posted a photo of the parrot on Twitter, hoping the owner recognized it, which they did. Karlene contacted them and went to get her friend. He was standing on someone’s shoulder at the entrance to the metro. The parrot was there, tired from the weekend adventure, listening and absorbing new sounds. When he arrived home, particularly tired, he hugged his owners, ate, and rested. Then he continued to make the sounds he had heard at the station, without stopping to announce the arrival of the metro. The mischievous parrot has been nicknamed ” Mr. Fugitive ” by its owners.

source used: dailymail

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