A Gull Hits Her On The Merry-go-round: Like A Slap At 120 Km / H.

When we go to an amusement park, we expect to experience the thrill of risk, the adrenaline rush, the excitement that only heights and speed can provide. Georgia Reed and her friend Kiley Holman were at a New Jersey theme park, Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Waterpark, USA celebrating Georgia’s birthday, and they too wanted to experience the thrill of being thrown in. high speed. They were both having fun when something unexpected happened.


image credit: 6abc Philadelphia/Youtube

A guest suddenly decided to join in the fun: a gull hit Kiley who, with the high speed and the wind in his face, didn’t immediately realize what was going on. As soon as the ride took off, Kiley saw a bird but didn’t expect it to hit her. In the video, the girls are seen screaming in amusement: the seagull rushes at Kiley and hits her in the face, in what is described as a ” slap at 120 km / h “. But the girl was quick to respond, saying, “I knew there was no turning back, he was going to hit me. I didn’t know what to do, so I waited for him to turn around. , then I grabbed it and threw it away from me. Quick. “


image credit: 6abc Philadelphia/Youtube

After blinking, and before the bizarre and frightening situation became dangerous, Kiley was able to act quickly: the bird, repelled by the young girl, then resumed its flight. The images quickly went viral, the video was shared on Youtube and the American media lingered on this story, interviewing the young woman to understand what she had felt. Fear, disbelief, relief: Kiley’s face wears all of these expressions.


image credit: 6abc Philadelphia/Youtube

Meanwhile, his companion Georgia watches the scene not knowing what to do, clinging to the merry-go-round in the hope that the gull will go and have fun elsewhere. The two young women got scared but luckily all’s well that ends well and no one was hurt. The girls have admitted, however, that they will never be riding a merry-go-round again, at least not for some time.

Watch the video:

source used: dailymail

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