A Gigantic Snake Wraps A Van And Sows Panic: The Video That Shocked The Web.

Immersed as we are in the era of digital communication and social networks, we see all the colors… And sometimes, it seems that there is no end to the extravagances that we can meet while surfing here and there. Videos, images, stories and many other things that initially have the power to intrigue and even impress us, as in the case of the video that we are going to tell you about.

A video that has made millions of views, sowing panic among Internet users. The reason? Is there anything more disturbing than a giant snake enveloping an entire van? A scene from a horror movie that seems too amazing to be true. And indeed, those who questioned its authenticity were not wrong…


image credit: thegemsfamily / TikTok Screenshot

What makes a joke a real success? The fact that it is so realistic that it looks 100% real. This is the case of the mega-snake at the center of the video shared on TikTok, a video that, in a very short time, has obtained thousands and thousands of views and reactions. But what can we see in the video?

In a wooded area, just under a tree, a white van is literally attacked by a snake that to call it giant would be an understatement. In the video, the excited voices and screams of those present can be heard loud and clear, and the whole thing is filmed as an emergency situation. The scene, filmed as if it were an emergency situation, quickly aroused the disbelief and amazement of many people who could not believe their eyes.

However, the reptile’s lack of context and unusual size also aroused the suspicions of some users, and it later emerged that the footage was a big joke! Forget the giant snake crushing the van: the video shows an art installation in a zoo, which certainly stands out for its realism


image credit: thegemsfamily / TikTok Screenshot

Although not everyone was taken in by the joke, some people were seriously concerned about what they had seen. “Where is he? I’ll make sure I never come there,” one user wrote. “Oh that’s why I live in Canada,” another commented. If the scene had been real, we doubt anyone would have gone so far as to film what happened.

If you’ve been speechless for a moment, you can breathe a sigh of relief. This snake does not exist, although nature has no shortage of creepy-sized reptiles. Just think that some specimens of reticulated pythons, for example, can exceed 7 meters in length!

source used: thegemsfamily / TikTok

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