He Builds A Dream Villa For His Dogs It Is Equipped With Kennels, Swings, A Swimming Pool, Cameras, And An Internal Staircase

Anyone who owns a pet is willing to do whatever they can to make them feel good and have a long and happy life as possible. Aaron Francks, however, went further: he built a prefabricated cabin for his 4 dogs, although the construction looks more like a villa. She is indeed tall and articulate, it took about two years to build her and she is a great source of pride for Aaron and his family.


image credit: Aaron Francks/Facebook

Aaron proudly posted his long work on social media and the results of this sharing were incredible: Internet users were interested and delighted not only with the construction itself, but also with the gesture behind it.


image credit: Aaron Francks/Facebook

It is reductive to call it a “doghouse”: it looks more like a real palace for dogs. Indeed, there are places of rest and places of play. The faithful friends – Tessa, Bruno, Coupe, and Mia – can take shelter when it is cold or when it rains, they can go out, play, swim. or take a nap together. The house has three entrances, electricity, running water, three swings, an inground pool, security cameras, an interior staircase with a handrail, a fire hydrant, and access to food.


image credit: Aaron Francks/Facebook

Why did Aaron do all this for his animals? Why did he put all the effort and time into it? Because for Aaron dogs are family and it was only natural that he took the time to create a place just for them.

source of used: metro.co.uk

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