A Dog Missing For 4 Months Is Found Under A Meter Of Snow: He Is Now Safe

Dogs are not just animals: they become loyal friends of their masters. That’s why we can only imagine the fear and pain of Russ’ mistress when she saw that her dog was missing. The story began four months ago when Russ – a large black dog – ran away from his owner’s house during a fire in Caldor, near South Lake.


image credit: Tahoe PAWS a Community Animal Response Team/Facebook

Russ’s mistress is a Californian nurse who, after the dog’s disappearance, did everything to find his faithful friend: she posted flyers in the area and reported him missing. But she had to leave her home after a major fire broke out in the area and destroyed thousands of acres and structures in days. After a few days, the woman thought she would never see Russ again. What happened, four months after the dog’s disappearance, has been called a miracle: skiers spotted a visibly lost and disoriented dog at Twin Peaks in the mountains of Colorado. According to the skiers, the dog appeared to be stuck under the snow and growled at anyone who tried to approach it.


image credit: Tahoe PAWS a Community Animal Response Team/Facebook

Two volunteer first aiders, Leona Allen and Elsa Gaule, went to the scene. They climbed the mountain, in temperatures well below 0 degrees, and followed tracks left in the snow. They found Russ, trapped under a meter and a half of snow. Leona says: “I looked with my headlamp and saw this dark patch in the snow under the tree, and I thought, ‘Oh my God, it’s the dog and he’s gone. desire.” The dog, in fact, was motionless. When the volunteers started clearing the snow around him, he opened his eyes and looked up. Volunteers immediately rescued him and wrapped him in warm blankets. Russ was then taken to a vet, who thankfully confirmed his good health.


image credit: Tahoe PAWS a Community Animal Response Team/Facebook

Thanks to an electronic chip, the volunteers were able to contact the mistress, who had now lost all hope. The volunteers took care of Russ until he was reunited with his mistress. Can you imagine his joy?

source used: Daily Mail

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