A Couple With Dwarfism Has Three Children, The Last One Was Born With A “Standard” Size .

What can be considered “different” and what, on the contrary, is “normal”? Charli Worgan and her husband Cullen Adams have often been viewed as different because they both carry rare forms of dwarfism. For them, however, this “diversity” has always been a gift, which is why they have always shared their life – that of an average family – on social media, especially on Instagram. And life has in store for this couple another gift: it has given them three beautiful children .


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Many people believe that people with dwarfism cannot conceive or that, if possible, they will be born with deformities or be carriers of dwarfism themselves. But this couple had a big surprise. Charli is an Australian carrier of achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism, and in 2012 she married Cullen, a man with achromic dysplasia, a condition that prevents his body from growing taller. The two have always dreamed of starting a family. They knew that giving birth for Charli could hide many pitfalls and they were afraid that their children would inherit their physical condition. After years of doubts and fears, however, Charli got pregnant for the first time in 2015.


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Since Cullen’s short stature and mine are due to different genetic defects, there are four possibilities: our son could be a normal height or be born with my achondroplasia or Cullen’s achromic dysplasia. There is also the possibility of developing both defects, which means that it would not survive long after birth.


image credit: charli_kate/Instagram

These are the words of the woman: the first pregnancy went better than expected, and the firstborn inherited the “genetic defect” of maternal achondroplasia; Charli became pregnant again in 2018 and the secondborn inherited the pathology from the father. In 2020, Charli becomes pregnant for the third time: the baby, however, did not inherit the peculiarities of the parents, and was born with a size considered “standard” . The parents’ joy when they heard the news was immense:


image credit: charli_kate/Instagram

I am so happy to be pregnant again this time. I am also infinitely grateful to have been lucky each time with my children, due to the genetic risks that may have arisen. I feel like this baby is going to give me the ultimate satisfaction because now our family is finally complete!

A happy and unique family in its “diversity”, what else matters?

source used: kidspot

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