He Buys A Car For 45,000 Euros For An Experiment, He Replaces The Wheels With Those Of A Cart

Car enthusiast WhistlinDiesel shared his experimentation with his fans on various social channels he bought a beautiful bright red Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and replaced the wheels of the $ 45,000 car with aluminum wheels that recall the carts of yesteryear. The photos shared on Instagram and the video posted on Youtube met with great success.


image credit: whistlindiesel/Instagram

The man, a car enthusiast, picked up aluminum wheels with one intention: to place them on the Hellcat, adding spacers so that they did not touch the bumper. WhistinDiesel explains that the car feels fairly normal to drive, except for bumps, and that he pushed the car at speeds hard to imagine.


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image credit: whistlindiesel/Instagram

The Hellcat has an output of 700 horsepower which, when pulled by such thin wheels, makes the car feel as if it is suspended, especially when steered. The car, nicknamed ” HellBuggy ” soon became an attraction: the video shows people, on the street, stopping to observe the car with the odd wheels, taking pictures and asking how fast it could go. The YouTuber jokes that his car has 699 more horsepower under the hood than any other. Also, since style is serious business, the man decided to wear Amish attire for consistency.


image credit: whistlindiesel/Instagram

Even on the internet, the experiment was successful: WhistlinDiesel garnered more than 5 million views of its video and hundreds of thousands of similar images on Instagram. The car did not go unnoticed, but it was also not spared from this experimentation and suffered a few scuff marks on the paintwork: nothing, however, compared to the satisfaction of driving a sports car at high speed on the wheels. from another time.

source of used: WhistlinDiesel/Youtube

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