A Car Blocks A Cycle Lane: A Girl Takes Revenge By Climbing To The Roof With Her Bicycle.

There are more and more cycle paths in different parts of the world. On the one hand, they allow cyclists to move safely from one point in a city or suburb to another, and on the other hand, they encourage many people to get on their bikes.

However, it is not always obvious that their importance is recognized and respected by all. In this regard, it is not uncommon for motorists – and not only – to occupy these spaces reserved for cyclists or pedestrians, blocking their passage. Pretty common situations, isn’t it? The cyclist at the center of the video that we are going to show you, quickly going viral on the web, knows a lot about it. To get around the illegitimate occupant of the track, she decided to ignore the problem, in the literal sense of the term.

It happened in the Mexican state of Queretaro, where a car was parked right in the middle of a cycle path by someone who obviously acted quite disrespectfully. With space thus blocked, the inconvenience for cyclists and pedestrians was significant, to such an extent that traffic disorders were created.

When the girl in question, hired as a delivery person to make home deliveries for the company DiDi Food, arrived in front of the car blocking the cycle lane, she obviously thought that this car could in no way stop its race.

So she got off her bike and literally climbed onto the car, going over it with the bike and continuing, almost as if nothing had happened, to walk on the other side of the car. One person filmed this singular episode, which was later shared by the Twitter account of the NiUnRepartidorMenos collective.

In the short video, it can be clearly seen that the other stranded cyclists were not at all happy with this intrusion on the track. The girl’s exemplary reaction, however, has become a kind of symbol of a lesson that the motorist, by now, may have learned. Those present were speechless at this passage on the hood, roof, and rear of the car.

Video has sparked debate on the web , as often happens in similar cases. Of the many who commented, many-sided with the delivery girl, believing she was right to do so; others, on the other hand, criticized his gesture, deeming it “dangerous” and “irresponsible”. Some also pointed out that in such a situation it would be better to bring in the police.

And you what do you think? Was this girl right to teach a badly parked motorist a “lesson”?

source used: 24 hours

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