A Beekeeper Carries A Colony Of Bees While Holding The Queen In His Hand

In the Dominican Republic, a cameraman shot a video that caught the attention and curiosity of Internet users: a man walks quietly down the street with thousands of bees on his arm. He seems perfectly at ease, not at all afraid, and the cameraman – intrigued – asks him a few questions. Internet users who saw the video wondered how it was possible that the man did not get stung.


image credit: Idrialis/reddit

The cameraman asks how it is possible that he is not stung by bees and the man, a beekeeper, simply replies ” they know the owner “. The cameraman then asks if the bees are producing honey on his arm and the man replies “no, I’m putting them in a box now”. “And do you have the queen in your hand? Because the bees are where the queen is”, asks the cameraman again and the beekeeper replies “ yes, I have it in my hand ”.


image credit: Idrialis/reddit

Internet users were very confused by the image and wondered why the man was moving the bees in this way. Other netizens quickly answered the question: ” Bees swarm when there is a new queen and part of the previous colony breaks off to start a new hive. At this point, the bee swarm looks absolutely creepy, but he is the most docile of them all as he is just looking for a new home while protecting the queen. As the queen, in this case, does not feel threatened and is not hurt, the rest of the swarm simply follows “.

It takes courage or knowledge of these fascinating insects to transport bees this way!

source used: timesnownews

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