A 9-year-old Boy Designs And Builds His Own Treehouse: It Is Fully Equipped And He Rents It On Airbnb.

Have you ever dreamed of having a treehouse when you were a child? If so, you are not the only one. The 9-year-old boy in the story we are about to tell you was really resourceful and lucky in that regard. He not only managed to design and partially finance his little dream house, but he made it into a very original rental property that deserves a closer look.

Indeed, even if it is not common for barely 9 years old to try such an enterprise, little Eli was more determined than ever to make his dream come true. And that’s how he managed to create his Eli’s Treehouse .


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

It all started when Eli Sylvester, a six-year-old American from Murphy, North Carolina, was six. One day, with all the spontaneity a child is capable of, he turns to his mother Rachel and tells her that he wants with all his heart a cabin in her garden .


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

“ I thought it was a simple thing,” his mother said, “ and encouraged him to find some money to fund his project.” It didn’t take long for her to realize that her son was really taking things seriously. The little boy wanted to design his own house from scratch and his project was not limited to simple construction, made of a few wooden planks.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

By studying and calculating, as well as consulting with the right people, Eli has become something of a budding designer, determined to save as much as possible to achieve his goal. Thanks to pocket money, gifts and the sale of a few items he no longer uses, Eli managed to raise $ 4,800 in two years. At this point, he was ready to buy materials.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

With the help of his parents and continuing to save the necessary money, Eli learned to use tools, cut wood and build structures until his cabin took shape, proving to be an incredible shelter in the green. A refuge which, for the little man, was also to be a source of profit, after all the money spent on its construction.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

“ I want to put my house on Airbnb, ” he told his parents, “ but don’t worry – we’ll split the profits 50/50 ”.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

Thus, once completed, Eli’s hut was offered for rent. Since its publication on Airbnb, reservations have not been lacking.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

Eli’s cottage can accommodate up to four people for $ 150 per night. Inside, it has two beds on a mezzanine, a bathroom, a kitchen area with a kettle, a hob and a mini-fridge, as well as a sitting area with a TV, a sofa and even a wood-burning fireplace. But that’s not all.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

The little architect also equipped his “creature” with a trampoline, climbing structures and a cable car. In addition to sharing the profits with his parents, Eli uses them to help local families in need .


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

Staying in this special chalet is a truly unforgettable experience because the Sylvesters have an equipped land, also with animals, where you can live in contact with nature.


image credit: Rachel Sylvester/Airbnb

“ Eli has done something absolutely amazing, ” his mum Rachel commented, “ I hope her story inspires many other children to do something great, even if they are still small ”. Congratulations to this little designer!

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 CBS 58

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