7 Unexpected Things Your Dog May “Smell” … Long Before You Do.

Dogs are man’s best friends. Even more than cats, these four-legged angels are also considered as real guardians who watch over our lives, but also over our health. Did you know that the developed sense of smell of dogs can also “catch” organic diseases of considerable magnitude?

It is, therefore, true that the flair of our four-legged friends can sometimes “save” our lives! Here are seven things our dog friends manage to spot to our surprise!


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They can “sniff out” cancer pathologies: the research the latest scientific confirmed the theory that dogs can “feel” of many cancer types in our body; for example, thanks to the smell of urine, our four-legged friends can detect prostate and bladder cancer because affected cells in our bodies produce a specific type of protein that dogs can intercept.

They can “predict” an epileptic seizure: not only do dogs have an exceptional “nose” for ongoing cancerous illnesses, but they can also predict about 45 minutes in advance if an epileptic fit will occur because pets have a genetic predisposition to perceiving a specific odor that this medical condition produces. To get our attention, it will bark continuously, for no apparent reason.

They can smell a pregnancy in progress: in addition to all this, dogs can also notice changes in our body and our physique, especially in the event of an ongoing pregnancy . Changing body movements and new smells are the scent signals our dogs perceive that something totally new is about to … be born!


They can sense the arrival of a storm or hurricane: Dogs have closer contact with nature than humans, allowing them to more accurately sense whether an important natural phenomenon, such as a tremor. land, a cyclone or a storm, is approaching. Their sense of smell is also infallible in this case!

They can understand that you have had interactions with another dog : our four-legged friends understand everything, even if we have had an “interaction” with another four-legged specimen. It will suffice for him to smell you on your return home for him to recognize with precision the race, the size and the state of health of the other “pretender”.

They can sense a drop in blood sugar : Dogs also have the extraordinary ability to sense a sudden change in blood sugar levels in our blood thanks to the strong sense of smell which perceives a different odor in our sweat. This can be crucial for all dog owners who have diabetes but do not yet know it with an accurate medical diagnosis.


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They can distinguish the identity of a person from others : the sense of smell of dogs is also very often used by the police force to find missing persons; this is because their exceptional instinct for smells is also a matter of ” peculiarities ” between one person and another. For our four-legged friends, each person has a different olfactory imprint, just like each environment, even if it is degraded by different scents or signs.

Having a dog in the house is not only the best remedy for loneliness, a perfect recipe for happiness and companionship of young and old, it can also have life-saving qualities we never imagined. We could therefore say that it is all about … nose!

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