These 7 Friends Have Decided To Buy A Breathtaking Villa To Grow Old Together

Many of us know it well: in life, the friendship relationship is one of the most valuable and important assets that an individual can have. Of course, many other things are also very important, but knowing that we can count, outside of family relationships, on someone who is always there for us, ready to listen to us or to laugh and to joke, is truly a treasure.

When friendships are strong and lasting, friends can be thought of as practically brothers or sisters who we may not have, or with whom we do not have a good relationship. This is exactly what happened to the seven Chinese women we are going to tell you about. They have known each other for over 20 years, they spent their teenage years together, they are work colleagues and now they have decided to consolidate their relationship in a very original way…


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Don’t call them best friends, that would be reductive. These seven women are so in harmony with each other that they have decided to buy a house to live and grow old together . And, to do this, they did not look at their spending, convinced that they should not miss anything.


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After identifying the majestic 700 square meter villa , located about 70 km from Guangzhou, they decided to equip it with all the comforts, with a renovation that cost more than 500,000 euros.


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Glass walls, a tea room, a swimming pool, precious furniture from India and Morocco, a large kitchen are all improvements that the seven friends have made in their new home. Obviously, the house is surrounded by greenery, and each room has a splendid view of the surrounding beauties.


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But to live well and in harmony, a dream house is not enough. The friends, in fact, have devised a system of organization which foresees that each of them devotes herself and specializes in a task useful to others . From cooking to traditional medicine, including culture and children’s entertainment.


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Yes, because some of these women are mothers, and the idea of ​​living together will allow their children to grow up together, like future friends of the heart. An incredible idea, firstborn out of play, but which then became an extraordinary reality. This is called true friendship!

source used: New York Post

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