15 Ingenious People Who Used The 3d Printer To Create Awesome Objects

Three-dimensional printing is a technology that is gaining ground. While you might think that this is a relatively recent development, it has actually been around for around 40 years.

Current progress has, however, favored a much more widespread and massive development of 3D printing than in the past, at a lower cost. If you think about it, materializing unique objects and “our” objects from a simple drawing is a really great concept.

And the authors of the photos we show you below are just as brilliant. The complexity, functionality, and ingenuity with which these people have made their objects are truly incredible: discover them and let yourself be surprised!

#1. This paralyzed dog can walk again thanks to an incredible 3D footprint.

image credit: KANNABULL/reddit

#2. A futuristic prosthesis for the leg …

image credit: William Root/boredpanda

#3. For a very special shower!

image credit: austintbarnett/reddit

#4. This toucan has found its beak thanks to a 3D printer!

image credit: DraftDraw/reddit

#5. An arm prosthesis … printed!

image credit: Kuester/reddit

#6. A design and practical concept!

image credit: KingVeemo/reddit

#7. This injured turtle needed a new shell …

image credit: The Animal Avengers/boredpanda

#8. With these 3D wheels, she can go anywhere …

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#9. An excellent and beautiful alternative to a simple splint

image credit: xventriloquist/reddit

#10. Darth Vader hands you your pen …

image credit: willcalderone0630/reddit

#11. From a fun situation to a perfect model!

image credit: JeffersonHi/reddit

#12. These 3d printed vases are really original!

image credit: DesignLibero/boredpanda

#13. An incredible violin …

#14. To scare your friends on Halloween, there’s nothing like printing … your own face!

image credit: CaptainMumble/reddit

#15. Here we are at the masterpiece: an entire house made with a 3d printer!

image credit: Apis Cor/boredpanda

What do you think? Did these designs make you want to buy a 3d printer? 

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