This 3d Printed Prosthesis Is Cheaper And Lighter Than Traditional Prostheses. It Looks Like A Real Leg

When the most modern technologies are put at the service of the daily problems which affect many people, one can only rejoice. Although it is believed that many discoveries, inventions, and innovations rarely find practical application, the world is filled with people who invest all their efforts in virtuous and laudable projects, like the one we are about to tell you about.

The 3D printing industry has made great strides in recent years, so much so that it is now possible to create anything, in a short time and at fairly low costs, from the smallest objects to real homes. . Against this background, we couldn’t miss the innovations in prosthetics for people with reduced mobility, and the 3D limbs we show below are a wonderful example of technology serving everyone.


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It is called Exo Prosthetic and it would be reductive to call it a prosthesis. Made using a 3D printer and scanner, as well as a specific modeling program, this member promises to be cheaper, lighter, customizable, and adaptable than traditional members.


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By accurately scanning patients’ legs, William Root and the Exo Prosthetic team are able to faithfully reproduce the limbs, so as to promote maximum comfort for the wearer. Same shape, same size, and perfect measurements for an artificial limb that is even customizable in terms of aesthetics and colors. Exo Prosthetic, in fact, does not aim to make the artificial leg look like a “robot” but to make it as human and comfortable to wear as possible.


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Once the leg is covered by clothing, it is virtually indistinguishable from a common limb. A truly futuristic prosthesis, therefore, which gives hope that many people with difficulties related to disabilities can feel more and more confident in everything they do.

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