25 Images Of People Around The World Showing Their Rooms

The differences in each country and culture are striking.

Photographer John Thackwray wants to show the differences through bedroom images of people around the world.

The images include high school students as well as those in their thirties. Many of these images were staged to show you what his hobbies and life are like.

#1. Cairo, Egypt, Azza, 19-year-old housewife

#2. Sibundoy, Colombia, Marixa, 21-year-old teacher.

#3. Paris, France, Joseph, 30-year-old artist.

#4. Zhambyl, Kazakhstan, Zhalay, 18-year-old high school student.

#5. Kathmandu, Nepal, Pema, 22-year-old Buddhism student.

#6. Tehran, Elahe, 29-year-old painter

#7. La Paz, Bolivia, Marcello, 18-year-old high school student.

#8. Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Saleh, 30-year-old Human Resources Officer.

#9. Nairobi, Kenya, Alice, 29-year-old mother.

#10. Madyah Pradesh, India, Asha, 17 year old housewife.

#11. Ban Sai Ngam, Tailandia, Fha.

#12. Varanasi, India, Then.

#13. Thies, Senegal, Fatou, 17-year-old seamstress.

#14. Novosibirsk, Russia, Oleg, 24-year-old Telecommunications Engineer.

#15. Lesotho, Osia, 18-year-old Pastor.

#16. Paris, France, Derek, 30-year-old film director.

#17. Teheran, Iran, Razieh.

 #18. Dali, China, Yuan, 22-year-old saleswoman.

#19. Saint Catherine, Egypt, Mohamed, 18-year-old student of traditional medicine.

#20. Beirut, Lebanon, Sabrina, 27-year-old kindergarten teacher.

#21. Berlin, Germany, Maja, 22 year old architecture student.

#22. Tokyo, Japan, Ryoko, 25-year-old information technology engineer.

#23. Bucharest, Romania, Andreea, 24-year-old civil engineer.

#24. Istanbul, Turkey, Gulle.

#25. Kingston, Jamaica, Camille.

Manyatta, Kenya, Ezequiel, Warrior, 22 years old.

The difference in all of them lies in their training and culture, but that does not stop making us the same in many ways. What do you notice differently in your room with theirs? Share this gallery so that everyone knows that in the world, despite our cultures, we all have something in common.

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