25 Designers Who Deserve An Award For Their Great Work

The genius of a well-executed idea.

We often remember designers only when we come across something strange, neglected, or have drawn our attention because of something negative.

But we must also highlight when these professionals hit the nail on the head with their creations.

Here is the example of 28 designs that are so incredible that we think they deserve to be awarded:

#1. A cup that ‘levitates’.

#2. In this bottle you can put more than one message.

#3. A unique chocolate design for Christmas time.

#4. The design of this yogurt topping.

#5. This connector leaves enough space to fit anywhere.

#6. This place to be able to leave your umbrella.

#7. These energy pills that show you how much you have left.

#8. In case it starts to snow or rain, this protector is activated.

#9. The design of the cars that deliver bread in Russia.

#10. Advertising to promote the Netflix series ‘Stranger Things’.

#11. This advertisement for bicycle locks.

#12. The packaging of this tea.

#13. The best way to give roses.

#14. The way to avoid water stagnation.

#15. This ad to find a job.

#16. The design of these cans that allows you to form a king.

#17. The cap on this orange juice.

#18. This toilet has self-replacement protective covers.

#19. Advertising for this pizza with cheese.

#20. The way they pruned this garden.

#21. The wall of an electricity company.

#22. This package has two openings to allow more access to the content as it is finished.

#23. The labeling of the car of the owner of the barbershop.

#24. The bathrooms in this cafeteria.

#25. Or the ones in this restaurant.

#26. This toothbrush allows you to ‘squeeze’ your toothpaste.

Have you seen designs or creations worthy of an award? Share this gallery so that more people know about them.

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