25 Curious Facts That Will Never Make You See The World The Same Way Again

Many of you will say that you have seen all sorts of things in life, that because of how much you have traveled or studied you know practically everything about this world. We take this opportunity to disprove those who assume this, because we are convinced that we will never know enough about the planet we live on . For example, were you aware of these 25 curious facts? 

Cover image:  Wagner Cesar Munhoz/Flickr


  1. Honey has no expiry date : neither after a year, nor after 2… never.
  2. Turritopsis  Nutricula  is the only organism on Earth that is  biologically immortal .
  3. A whale’s heart  is so large that a man could swim along its arteries. (Photo)
  4. The  diameter of the throat, however, is no wider than a tea saucer. 
  5. For every human there are 1.6 million ants on Earth.  
  6. The octopus has three hearts . 
  7. Feng Shui began as the art of choosing the best place for the grave . 
  8. Showers of diamonds fall on Jupiter and Saturn .
  9. There are more bacteria than cells in the human body . 
  10. The chance that in the glass of water you are drinking is a water molecule that was once in the urine of a dinosaur  is 100%. 
  11. Frankenstein is the  name of the character’s inventor, not the monster. 
  12. Catfish can distinguish 27,000 tastes , five times more than humans can.
  13. The classic fish ball  is the worst home you can find for them. 
  14. Reading in low light or using the PC in the dark  does not have any negative effect on your eyesight. 
  15. Oxford University is older than the Aztec Empire . 
  16. In Cyprus Santa Claus is called  Basile . 
  17. No one has ever managed to tame an African elephant . 
  18. Sleeping a few hours makes you see enemies all around . 
  19. The wrinkles on the fingers, which come when you spend too much time in water, serve to improve your grip : when in humid environments, the body believes that the surfaces are slippery, which is why the skin wrinkles. 
  20. The small furrow that separates the lips from the nose is called the prolabe : it is formed during the last stage of development of the face, in the mother’s womb. 
  21. The development of round buttocks dates back to ancestral times : they were formed when it was necessary for humans to run quickly to hunt. For this reason he has developed long legs, light feet and round, muscular buttocks to cushion the blows of running. 
  22. Women’s hearts beat faster, but men’s hearts are bigger. 

23. If Jupiter were at the same distance from the Earth as the Moon, we would see it towering over the sky.


Source:  twistedsifter.com

24. Seen under a microscope, sand appears very different from how we see it. 

Mark A. Wilson, Department of Geology/ Wikimedia

Source:  sandgrains.com

25. The image on the left shows how a candle burns on Earth: on the right how it would burn in a zero gravity environment.


Source:  thoughtco.com


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