23 People Who Only Had One Photo Opportunity And Didn’t Miss It.

There are shows that life gives us, but that only gives us an opportunity to witness them and if you are there right at the perfect moment you will be able to witness something unreal, just as these people managed to be and capture these incredible photographs that if they had not been taken right then, they wouldn’t have come out like that.

01. Perfect balance.

02. Augmented reality.

03. Impression and fear in a single photo.

04. Right on time.

05. I love my mom’s new look.

06. Compromise!

07. A plane passed through here.

08. No, it’s not a bird, it’s my shirt.

09. The perfect attack.

10. Give it to me now please!

11. A little love.

12. How about my moicana?

13. The Moon right in the middle of these buildings.

14. Just when lightning struck.

15. I thought I was a little hungry.

16. This plane traveling below the clouds.

17. My cell phone vibrated just as I was taking the picture.

18. Hanging by a thread.

19. Now we know who wakes up the earliest.

20. My cat is rehearsing to be an actor.

21. This penguin is trying to fly.

22. A bird carrying with it a shark that had caught a fish.

23. Right on time.

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