22 Urban Environments Transformed Through Useful And Visually Appealing Projects

Those who live in cities know that the urban environment can often be rather gray and depressing. If one thinks of certain suburban or densely populated areas, where aesthetics are certainly not the main goal of architects, one realizes that sometimes little is enough to make the areas saddest. welcoming, functional, and beautiful to look at.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of people all over the world who, with ingenuity, creativity, and genius, decided to transform the most common places, buildings, and objects into splendid examples of useful, beautiful, and original design. We are talking about all those innovative works, renovations, and ideas that in some way have improved the daily life of those who live in the city, if only with a smile. Discover with us 22 examples of urban design that should be reproduced everywhere!

#1. These gray and banal concrete cylinders have become very original meeting places to sit down.

image credit: creative_block3/reddit

#2. The traffic lights in this city match the style of the streetlights!

image credit: Kemro59/reddit

#3. In Azerbaijan, these fountains are designed to look like beautiful dandelions!

image credit: Theworldwalk/reddit

#4. Not bad as a facade for a musical instrument store: it reproduces a Fender amplifier!

image credit: SarcasmOverseer/reddit

#5. Who says the bus stop has to be a sad and depressing place?

image credit: Yoda_Holmes/reddit

#6. When you find this in a public park, you can’t help but smile!

image credit: Imgur

#7. In Denmark, these bins have been placed in this position to facilitate cyclists passing by.

image credit: DrChrispeee/reddit

#8. A real public library, available in the street!

image credit: Facebook

#9. Modernity and nature: a really useful and beautiful building!

image credit: RiddledWithSpades/reddit

#10. In this metro, some cars have shelves for exchanging books!

image credit: YamhillScrub/reddit

#11. On this cycle path, luminous signs have been installed to indicate the number of cyclists who pass each day.

image credit: Imgur

#12. A real urban garden!

image credit: reddit

#13. Who wouldn’t want to live in such a place? It’s much more than just a “town”

image credit: Imgur

#14. When originality and urban environment go hand in hand!

image credit: reddit

#15. 3D pedestrian crossings for guaranteed visibility!

image credit: Gústi Productions / Facebook

#16. These special tables are designed to allow cyclists to rest and have a comfortable support, without getting off the saddle!

image credit: Twitter

#17. Not a bad idea for “simple” terminals!

image credit: Pinterest

#18. A bench that … comes out of the ground!

image credit: Imgur

#19. Comfortable, functional and beautiful!

image credit: Imgur

#20. This pedestrian crossing in a shopping center is designed as if it were zebra!

image credit: shadowonyx18/reddit

#21. Watch out for the hippos: they seem to “swim” in the ground!

image credit: Pikabu

Have you ever seen such virtuous examples of urban design? These should really be replicated in every city!

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