22 Photos Perfectly Explain Why South Korea Is A World Apart

For those born and raised in a “western” context, it is not always easy to fully understand the customs, traditions, and habits of countries far removed, such as those of the East. We have often shown you some characteristics of Japan and the Japanese, discovering an incredible blend of tradition and innovation. In Asia, however, other countries – less touristy but no less fascinating – deserve our attention.

One of them is South Korea , a country where modernity and technological development are very marked and where, just like in Japan, people have been able to preserve and enhance their past and their origins . This means that looking from the outside at certain elements like the ones collected below, even South Korea can cause astonishment, amusement or misunderstanding. Are you ready to discover with us some curious and little-known aspects of this Asian country ?

#1. Self-cleaning roads: not a bad idea, is it?

image credit: engrandarch/reddit

#2. For those who can’t make it to the florist, here are vending machines … for plants and flowers!

image credit: snoof123/reddit

#3. This staircase in a Daegu market tells us how many calories we burn walking through it and how many seconds of life we ​​gain!

image credit: -ipaguy-/reddit

#4. In addition to the fries, the customers of this fast food restaurant also have these finger accessories at their disposal, perfect to avoid getting them dirty while eating!

image credit: Pikabu

#5. When you find a car parked near a construction site that might raise dust or paint, here’s how to protect it!

image credit: Pikabu

#6. In this South Korean city, there are shelters to rest at regular intervals on the sidewalks.

image credit: Pikabu

#7. Here even milk becomes an art form!

image credit: cantwaittillcollege/reddit

#8. Starfield Library in Seoul: a monumental space dedicated to books!

image credit: twig973/reddit

#9. These toothpaste bottles have a convenient dispenser: one dose is exactly the amount needed to brush your teeth.

image credit: pheonixlgnd/reddit

#10. What you see is an ice cream, in a confection that keeps your hands and mouth clean!

image credit: Pikabu

#11. Have you ever seen a mouthwash dispenser in a restaurant toilet? Here it is !

image credit: stupid_panda/reddit

#12. A very soft post: great discovery!

image credit: hootEly / reddit

#13. This fountain is truly spectacular with its play of light and water!

image credit: reddit

#14. In the metro, the places for mothers are clearly visible and distinct from the others: they even have a plush toy

image credit: Pikabu

#15. A Minion selling bananas on the street? Normal: we are in South Korea!

image credit: reddit

#16. It is certainly not every day that one finds public toilets like this one, attentive even to the smallest ones.

image credit: reddit

#17. Yep, it’s a police building!

image credit: Pikabu

#18. These boxes are designed to leave pets at the entrance of supermarkets: brilliant idea or a little disturbing?

image credit: Imgur

#19. A Starbucks in true South Korean style

image credit: Imgur

#20. Have you ever seen an overweight Iron Man? It exists in this Korean store!

image credit: reddit

#21. Cakes sold in stores usually have built-in candles and matches, tucked into the knife for cutting!

image credit: sptjasd/reddit

#22. A giant ski with a boot and giant screens!

image credit: MrOtter26/reddit

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