21 Images That Show What Nature Is Capable Of Doing

Never doubt the power of nature.

Nature is totally unpredictable, surprising and does not know the impossible. If you think you’ve seen it all, prepare to change your mind:

#1. The power of the roots of a tree.

#2. Blooming in the middle of the pavement.

#3. Someday nature will regain its territory.

#4. Eruption of a volcano seen from above.

#5. A great shadow

#6. Lightning seen from an airplane window during a flight.

#7. Godafoss, one of the most lush waterfalls in Iceland.

 #8. This natural formation, which looks more like a gate to hell, was created from the solidification of lava expelled by this volcano.

 #9. All the strength and resistance of nature in a photo.

#10. Don’t doubt the incredible power of trees.

#11. A super cell.

#12. What these ships looked like after a heavy storm.

#13. A tree swallowing a mailbox.

#14. Simply beautiful.

#15. The size of the roots of this tree.

#16. Hopefully, at this time, there was no one at the lighthouse.

#17. Powerful and terrifying thunderstorm photographed in Canada.

#18. Jellyfish can also be surprisingly large.

#19. A whale shark and its incredible size.

#20. The rain concentrated in a small section of town.

#21. Nature, when it wants, can also be scary.

What was your favorite image? Do you have an equally impressive photo of nature? Leave it in the comments. Share this note with your friends so they can contemplate how much nature can be.

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