21 Images That Show The Scariest And Darkest Side Of Nature.

When we talk about nature we usually imagine pleasant scenarios: sunsets, gardens full of flowers, animals full of color, landscapes that can take your breath away, you name it; However, nature also has its strange and dark side. A side that not everyone expects to see.

Have you ever wondered which situation could scare you the most? That is the question that today we are going to try to answer with these 21 images that, without a doubt, will give you something to think about. Perhaps the next time someone tells you “Nature is beautiful” you will want to show them this gallery.

To start, this is a view of a venus plant (carnivorous) in its feeding process

It’s just a wasp nest in a windy ornament

The pareidolia that causes this Brownie Shark. It looks like a human face, right?

The tails of some lizards regenerate when they are dropped. This one grew an extra leg

“The door to hell” The lava cooled at the entrance of this cave giving it the appearance of piled up bodies

It’s honey pouring out of the socket. Behind that wall is a huge beehive

It’s just a cicada shedding its skin

A loving owl nest made with a few dozen Lemmings skin

This plant is called “Clathrus archeri”, but it is better known as “Devil’s Fingers” and we think you understand why.

This snake never thought that centipede it ate would do this.

This tree was struck by lightning directly

An unfortunate fox that fell into the lake and was… frozen

Some fish have teeth, and also develop human-like teeth.

This wasp nest was built on a wooden sculpture, now it has this gloomy shape

This caterpillar developed a snake-shaped camouflage to scare off its predators

We introduce you to the Antarctic sea worm. They measure up to 20 cm

An ant colony surviving a torrential rain

This crab made its home in this doll’s head.

Step One: Someone hangs a doll on a tree. Step two: Some wasps decide that this would be the best place to build their honeycomb. The result is this nightmare image

This is a reindeer that is shedding velvet on its antlers.

This is a flower that, when it withers, becomes something like a human skull.

Do you have other horror images? Leave them to us in the comments! If you liked this gallery share it with your friends.

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