21 Hilarious Photos Perfectly Demonstrate How Cats Are Four-legged Scoundrels.

Cats are adorable animals: with their round noses, pink tongues and expressive eyes, they know how to charm even those who claim to have a heart of stone. When observed from the outside, they certainly are, but their owners also face a bitter truth : they can be particularly irritating. Irritating like rain when planning a seaside vacation, irritating like waking up at dawn on Sunday morning, irritating like eating a cold slice of pizza when it should be hot and steaming. These 21 photos illustrate the damage caused by cats : when they decide to destroy a puzzle built over the weeks, when they decide to spoil dinner or prevent their masters from carrying out their daily activities. 

#1. This man called workers to do some handling work at his house, but they left a message telling him that the cat was obstructing the work.

image credit: quiet_ellie/twitter

#2. This couple had stopped for a while on the highway and got out of the car. Too bad the cat then pressed the lock button …

image credit: GuyYeti/reddit

#3. This cat is on a diet and doesn’t seem to take it very well. He rummaged through the trash cans and here is the result.

image: pickles_and_mayo/reddit

#4. It took the masters two weeks to complete the puzzle, but they left it unattended. Why not destroy it?

image credit: XanaxPandas/reddit

#5. This cat has just returned from one of his evening walks with someone else’s keys in his mouth …

image credit: robrobxD/reddit

#6. They tried to hang up the plant to make it inaccessible, but things didn’t go as planned.

image credit: funkofairy/reddit

#7. They had just finished washing and ironing their clothes when the cat decided to get on top of them. A comfortable sweatshirt, isn’t it?

image credit: demendredCO/reddit

#8. The guilty look of someone who has been caught in the act and the expression of someone who doesn’t feel a single iota of regret.

image credit: howabaoutno69/reddit

#9. This cat destroys well-organized piles of papers whenever he has the chance. It would be better to put them under lock and key.

image credit: howabaoutno69/reddit

#10. Each time the teacher puts the paintings back in place, the cat intervenes to turn them upside down. Maybe it’s time to hang them on the ceiling, and defy the laws of gravity.

image credit: mikenmar/reddit

#11. When the cat is looking for attention, no task can be accomplished. He decided he needed to have hugs. Point.

image credit: DrGPeds/reddit

#12. They had just repainted the pedestrian crossing but an intruder came to visit them, leaving small traces of his passage.

image credit: mars_is_green/reddit

#13. It could be something clean: it goes into the litter box, defecates and comes out. But no, why not put it everywhere ?!

image credit: Luxnoctiss/reddit

#14. The mistress cooked a delicious dish of ramen, but this egg was too irresistible, even for the kitty.

image credit: bbykaat/twitter

#15. It is really difficult to work with a smart cat at home: today he decided that the master’s computer is the new toy.

image credit: iamllamma/reddit

#16. They were preparing the dish for the oven, but someone decided to stop the operation. Is it comfortable on its aluminum foil?

image credit: keystoneamethyst/reddit

#17. The innocent look of someone who does not understand that he is out of place. After all, as we know, cats have a passion for bags and boxes.

image credit: keystoneamethyst/reddit

#18. There, too, dinner was ruined: the cat walked “affectionately” on the pizza dough. He thought they wouldn’t notice him.

image credit: somethingblue331/reddit

#19. The master went to the bathroom and found this scene. It is good to redeem toilet paper …

image credit: miquil/reddit

#20. Yes, they have a real passion for food. Their paws must go everywhere, without distinction. He did some tests to make sure the cake was soft.

image credit: JayboDaHo/reddit

#21. The latter had to give up his snack: the cat decided to use it as a cushion to comfortably observe the landscape.

image credit: JayboDaHo/reddit

If you have a cat at home, you know how irritating and dangerous they can be – messing around is their specialty. But, after all, what would we do without them?

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