21 Amazing Images, To Say The Least, Perfect For Those Who Think They’ve Seen It All

Nature, technology, phenomena, curiosities, videos, and viral images: the web is full of curiosities to discover, and constant technological progress only makes them immediately accessible to everyone, everywhere in the world.

And yet, even though it is sometimes hard to believe, there is still a lot that can surprise us, especially when we are faced with something that we have not yet seen and capable of eliciting an exclamation from. astonishment. Thus, thanks to the millions of people who share images every day, we are able to feed our curiosity in the most varied way, being able to discover hidden and unexpected facets of the world around us. Ready to amaze yourself with the photos we have collected below?

#1. The sun hit the freshly laid asphalt with full force and, through the polarized lenses, created this rainbow road!

image credit: kenziemonsterrawr/reddit

#2. The trunks of these trees have taken a truly incredible “pose”!

image credit: mewantsnu / reddit

#3. Zipaquira Salt Cathedral is an underground Catholic church in Colombia. It is dug in a salt mine and is entirely made of this mineral, it is located 180 meters underground

image credit: Abhishek_Kasana/reddit

#4. The little cracks on this faucet look like miniature cards

image credit: Luke-Skywalk/reddit

#5. This is not fiction: this is really what I saw through my plane window!

image credit: reddit

#6. Have you ever seen such perfect bananas?

image credit: paigebennettblack/reddit

#7. This road, in these particular light conditions, seems to lead straight to the sky!

image credit: Imgur

#8. An image on the screen of a smartphone magnified 300 times appears as follows

image credit: Imgur

#9. If you have the impression that a boat is sinking in water, you are wrong: it is only the broken antenna on the roof of my car!

image credit: ogre_easy/reddit

#10. Perfection in a photo, in the right place at the right time

image credit: onovan4v/reddit

#11. The tallest man in the world and the shortest woman in the world pose in a photo in Egypt, in front of the Sphinx and the Pyramids

image credit: reddit

#12. An electrical storm off the Australian coast: the spectacular shot of Elias Arcondoulis

image credit: Azza1702/reddit

#13. A cute little platypus: it almost looks like a pokemon, right?

image credit: reddit

#14. Have you ever thought about what a half-cut hedge looks like? Here is the answer

image credit: Imgur

#15. A snowy road that seems to make its way just above the clouds!

image credit: yohanfunk/reddit

#16. When the heavens strive to astonish those on the earth

image credit: Imgur

#17. Half-cut fireworks

image credit: RPBot/reddit

#18. Impressive cube roots!

image credit: obrody / reddit

#19. An almost perfect color gradient, and 100% natural!

image credit: reddit

#20. Don’t worry, it’s not the “mushroom” of an atomic bomb, but just a spectacular cloud at sunset.

image credit: Imgur

#21. This onion seems to really have a crush on me …

image credit: CrustyCruise/reddit

The “wow” effect is guaranteed, isn’t it?

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