€ 200,000 Ferrari Gets Stuck In The Alley: Owner Miscalculates.

The Ferrari Roma is one of the latest models unveiled by a famous Italian car manufacturer. It is a car “characterized by timeless design, distinct refinement, and excellent handling and performance qualities”. With its unique style, the car contemporary way of reinterpreting the lifestyle of the city of typical Rome for years 50 and 60, characterized by lightness and enjoyment of life. “An elegant car, style vaguely retro, including the price is around 200,000 euros . It has been described as ” an almost perfect Ferrari. Car enthusiasts admire it from afar and some enjoy driving it at top speed. However, a man has chosen a rather inopportune location to drive his very elegant Ferrari Roma.


image credit: Supercarnews/Youtube

Video of a Ferrari Roma stuck in a narrow alley in an unidentified Italian town has been around the web. The driver of the car probably didn’t do his math before entering the alley, hoping to get through without a hitch. The driver can clearly be seen getting out of the car and desperately trying to find a way to get the Ferrari out of this awkward situation. But achieving this without damaging the body of the car seems impossible.


image credit: Supercarnews/Youtube

The fireball is located right between the walls of two buildings. We don’t know what happened, why the owner decided to drive down the alley, but we’re sure he expected to cross it without too much trouble. The man looks in disbelief and despair at the sides of his car, trying to take measurements and do calculations: he did not realize that the car was too wide to pass, nor that the street was too narrow. But one thing is in no doubt: the beautiful Ferrari will suffer quite expensive body damage and its owner will have to pay dearly for his error in judgment.. The video, posted on YouTube, has already totaled over a million views, and it’s not hard to see why – it illustrates a scene that is both funny and painful. Hopefully, at least, the driver has learned his lesson.

source used: Supercarnews/Youtube

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