20 Times Nature Took Back What Was Hers And Transformed Places And Objects In Fascinating Ways

We don’t always fully realize the power of the natural elements that are part of our planet. Everything around us is alive and ready to manifest, perhaps very slowly but surely, inexorably.

Thus, whenever man, by his activities or his recklessness, gives Mother Nature the chance to take back what was hers , we are sure that, quickly, we will be able to see shows that are surprising to say the least . It is all these objects, places or abandoned buildings on which trees, animals, wind and water have taken their revenge . The results ? You can admire them in the photos below: they are disturbing at times, but they certainly always have a unique appeal!

#1. No accident: nature has simply decided to grow up there too, in the middle of the hood of this abandoned car!

image credit: LessJee/reddit

#2. This beach house has been slowly “eaten up” by wind and waves.

image credit: Imgur

#3. Resilience in its purest form: a world is born inside this abandoned bottle!

image credit: highjumpbmw/reddit

#4. This work helmet has ended up in the sea: it wasn’t long before the creatures and aquatic plants chose it as their new home.

image credit: MaxwellIsSmall/reddit

#5. At the top of these abandoned chimneys have grown real trees.

image credit: lorrenzo/reddit

#6. A house on the islet which is gradually integrated into the landscape.

image credit: riyta/reddit

#7. Nothing escapes the elements when they decide to make their own way.

image credit: omitCoffin666/reddit

#8. We are in Taiwan: this Keelung apartment district is slowly being reclaimed by Mother Nature.

image credit: moreice45/reddit

#9. Once upon a time there was a road: this is what remains of it.

image credit: Mightnotapply/reddit

#10. An old engine from an abandoned car and the plants that are starting to grow between its mechanical parts

image credit: reddit

#11. Nature has immense force, far greater than that of any tank: this photo shows it

image credit: Flecktarnfarbe/reddit

#12. This sign on the Appalachian Trail is slowly “eaten” by the trunk of a tree.

image credit: sweetpeach87/reddit

#13. It is difficult to see churches like this in Italy, yet here nature takes back what belonged to it …

image credit: moreice45/reddit

#14. Where a boat sank, trees grew. We are in Australia.

image credit: earthmoonsun/reddit

#15. An old country house slowly “swallowed up” by plants and trees.

image credit: reddit

#16. The remains of a Japanese plane from World War II: memories of a past that will gradually disappear.

image credit: ethan_kahn/reddit

#17. Soon, this bus will become one with green!

image credit: reddit

#18. Where there was a factory, now nature reigns supreme.

image credit: airevgeny/reddit

#19. A church buried by lava from the Paricut√≠n volcano, Mexico. Simply fascinating.

image credit: hadowmen26/reddit

#20. It is simply amazing the work nature did with this grave in England …

image credit: sacrecoeur1206/reddit

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