20 People Who Flaunted Extravagant Haircuts Without Realizing They Were Tasteless

Have you ever walked out of the hairdressing salon, excited about your new look and discovered, taking a good look at yourself in the mirror, that your hair is not at all what you expected? Too late, at that moment, to go back: all that remains is a feeling of great unease.

If you’ve been through these unpleasant feelings, don’t worry, because you’re not the only one. A “failed” cut came to everyone sooner or later. However, there are people who pay dearly for a look that they consider alternative, perhaps trendy, or particular, but which is just one explicit example of how no one should ever cut themselves. the hair. If you don’t believe us, take a look at the photos we are going to show you. By mistake or by choice, these people redefined the concept of the absurd : certainly, beauty is subjective, but here it is really difficult to give a positive judgment, don’t you think?

#1. Two beautiful heads, without a doubt!

image credit: casual_necrophilia/reddit

#2. If he’s happy like that …

image credit: cleopatraduzthenasty/reddit

#3. A single question: why?

image credit: AlmightyIJC/reddit

#4. He doesn’t seem so happy with the result …

image credit: traditionaldrummer/reddit

#5. It certainly won’t go unnoticed!

image credit: Graphicdesignn/reddit

#6. Congratulations on the inventiveness!

image credit: Leo_Remos/reddit

#7. Rather scary … and to say it’s his class photo too …

image credit: makemypenisworkagain/reddit

#8. It’s all about nuance and contrast …

image credit: sweet_potato_75/reddit

#9. Was it really necessary to make this addition?

image credit: welshie123/reddit

#10. A bizarre and unusual way to exploit dreads!

image credit: reddit

#11. The image speaks for itself, it is really superfluous to comment …

image credit: KrissiKross/reddit

#12. Maybe it was better to cut them all short rather than wearing them like this …

image credit: BeardofSapolsky/reddit

#13. $ 500 for … that?

image credit: reddit

#14. Maybe it was better to go for something more classic, don’t you think?

image credit: reddit

#15. A pothole cut … Is that reasonable ?!

image credit: reddit

#16. Didn’t she go a bit too much with the bangs? And this tail?

image credit: Darth__Nox/reddit

#17. More than hairdressing, it would be appropriate to talk about painting!

image credit: Territorial_Ape/reddit

#18. Father and son: they complement each other, even with their hair!

image credit: Xyeeyx/reddit

#19. Double mustache, winning style!

image credit: karamaje/reddit

#20. Certainly, it’s practical, but this cut does not really improve its look …

image credit: ItsBaca/reddit

Have you ever seen – or had – amazing hairstyles like these?

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