20 Moving Photos Show Why They Say “An Animal Changes Life”

The discussion on the difference between cats and dogs is still engaged: which of the two is more affectionate and which, on the contrary, is more independent? We have all heard at least once the expression “cats are independent, dogs are instead loyal to their owners”, but these photos show us that – regardless of whether the animal wags its tail or purrs – they know both very well show their love to their masters. It is enough to look at their eyes, their attitudes, and the way in which they stretch out their paws to make us understand that an animal can really change a life. Often times they understand when we are down and do their best to lift us up, they can make us understand their emotions and show us their gratitude. These photos show us how animals know exactly how to take care of their owners.

#1. Since the woman became pregnant, the dog has been particularly affectionate with her: he just wants everyone to be well.

image credit: ritty84/reddit

#2. The dog should always be close to the master, and look at him with affectionate eyes. How can we resist him?

image credit: rvherdjr/reddit

#3. The child has the flu and feels tired, and the dog does not hesitate to intervene to cheer up with his hugs.

image credit: Underrated_buzzard/reddit

#4. The kitten was just saved by this boy, and he couldn’t be more grateful and happy than this: look at those big eyes!

image credit: feistygazelle/imgur

#5. The master says that every morning, at 5:30 am sharp, the cat approaches to receive hugs.

image credit: Rain_GIitter/reddit

#6. He is so attached to his owner that he even follows him on the bus, and never loses sight of him.

image credit: cagedragehere/reddit

#7. When the owner is feeling down, the cat is always ready to stay close to him and hold his hand with his little paw.

image credit: Percussionoid91/reddit

#8. The dog clearly has a weakness for daddy: his look and his attitude do not need further explanation.

image credit: Animellea/reddit

#9. The young girl has just saved this dog with the icy eyes and already he offers her all his love, thus changing his life.

image credit: notmelania/reddit

#10. Is it safe to be in a car? Probably not, if you have a cat in your lap who is trying to get attention.

image credit: imthebaebae/reddit

#11. This man and the cat adore each other: one changed the other’s life and now they are inseparable.

image credit: DaddyMagumbo/reddit

#12. Cuddling in bed is a moment the cat cannot give up, and with its eyes it seems to be saying: “again please”.

image credit: luvlyssa13/reddit

#13. The young man has just taken the puppy, who is already looking at him with tender and grateful eyes: they will become inseparable.

image credit: Jturner0685/reddit

#14. Even this kitten, while enjoying his master’s hugs, can’t help but look at him with delight.

image credit: PharaohCleocatra/reddit

#15. The man has fallen asleep with two kittens next to him: one is looking at him and the other is holding his finger. They are adorable !

image credit: dani_bar/reddit

#16. This big dog also can’t help but snuggle up to his mistress with dreamy eyes. He would stay like that all day.

image credit: claire303/reddit

#17. The two are best friends, and cuddle time is sacred.

image credit: LOLELECTRONICS/reddit

#18. The dog with the super tongue is a playful one, but with his grandmother he becomes incredibly affectionate. And what a smile!

image credit: KotaCali/reddit

#19. The girl says “find a man who looks at you like the cat looks at my father”: life with those you love is really more beautiful.

image credit: owelie/reddit

#20. The girl was resting but the cat cannot stay away from her: why not stay close to her and cuddle her?

image credit: miscknitter/reddit

And if you too have an animal that continually shows you the affection it feels for you, share these moments with us and tell us a moving anecdote!

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