20 Animal Moms With Their Young Or Foster Babies (Seeing Them Made The Day Sweeter)

Motherhood generates emotions that are difficult to explain. Children definitely change our lives. In the animal world, it is exactly like that, because the maternal instinct is very powerful. There is nothing more moving than seeing a cat, dog, or bird feeding and protecting their young. When looking at them, we may wonder what they feel, as their expressions are of total love and dedication (even if the puppies are of another species).

We found on social networks pictures of animal moms (biological or adoptive) so cute it’s almost impossible to say “Awww”.

#1. “We invite the mother to come in and prepare a comfortable place to take care of her newborn kitten. She looked very happy ”

©  blksome / Reddit

#2. A proud Australian big mom

©  knoiz1 / Reddit

3. “Mother and daughter (20 and 19 years old)”

©  royaljosh / Reddit

4. “The baby pangolin’s protective scales are still very soft, so the mothers wrap themselves around the bodies of the young to protect them”

©  Owlatmydoor / Reddit

5. “My cat brought this kitten home a few days ago, and now they look like mother and daughter. I’m totally in love ”

©  Majopa08 / Reddit

6. “Mother and puppy dachshund (or sausage dog). So beautiful…”

©  Browndog888 / Reddit

7. “This scene of mother and daughter brightened my day! ♥ ️ She is a Gir cow, a breed found mainly in Gujarat, India ”

©  rudra7133 / Reddit

8. “After approaching me at a summer camp and asking me to take her with me, Bea had two kittens. The other three were found near a swimming pool and donated to my vet. His love is the same for everyone and the puppies are growing very fast! ”

©  Fluffy-Designer / Reddit

9. “Mom and baby in my backyard”

©  winterx64 / Reddit

10. “Meet the new mother of nine ‘calves’!”

©  Luc85 / Reddit

11. We sleep better when we are stuck together with mom

©  -Master102- / Reddit

12. “Mother and baby deer seen from my window”

©  30lb / Reddit

13. “Protecting your puppies”

©  lookslikechewbacca / Reddit

14. “I found a three week old kitten, Wonton. My dog, Polly, immediately took on the role of mother. They are inseparable ”

©  Ladystech915 / Reddit

15. “This is how we do it”

©  b12ftw / Reddit

16. “People asked for more pictures of our goat and the llama. The first was a very young orphan, and the other took care of her like a substitute mother, hugging her every night and always protecting her ”

©  BountifulBotanicals / Reddit

17. The baby fits very well under the mother’s snout

©  Heizilina / Imgur

18. What a beautiful family!

©  Unknown / Reddit

19. “Mom loves you, but she needs to take a nap too”

©  eliteprephistory / Reddit

20. “She’s the best mom ??”

©  FloralRoseX / Reddit

Do you have stories or photos of your pet playing the role of mother?

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image credit:Luc85 / Reddit royaljosh / Reddit

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