19 Photos Of Forests And Cities Around The World Made Magical By The Arrival Of Autumn

Usually, when fall comes, the urge is to spend more time at home, perhaps spending a few evenings alone, rather than going out with friends and staying out late. If you are one of those people who eagerly await the shortening of the days to go into hibernation like wild animals, you will enjoy this photo gallery that you can browse accompanied by a hot and spicy herbal tea. Here are the best fall shots that will make you appreciate even more this season where everything takes on warm tones!

#1. A hollow trunk that collects the dried leaves that have fallen from the tree.

#2. A stairway to fall in Ontario.

#3. The Fall Show in Boston, Massachusetts.

#4. A multicolored cat like the autumn landscape behind him.

#5. This little wooden house is what we need in the fall.

#6. A wonderful modern style structure in New York.

#7. A cozy house, a relaxing view and a fire ready to heat: everything is there to face a magical fall night.

#8. A bench to gently savor autumn (Amsterdam, the Netherlands).

#9. A tree with autumn colors in a misty Dutch forest.

#10. Autumn is one of the best seasons to appreciate the beauty of Japan (Kyoto).

#11. A road which, in autumn, is painted red by the leaves of the trees.

#12. All the nuances of autumn, made even more alive by the gray sky.

#13. An overview of what autumn looks like in Russia.

#14. Guinsa Temple wrapped in an autumn robe from the Sobaek Mountains in South Korea.

#15. The National Museum in Wrocław, Poland, when the ivy growing on the building takes on autumn colors.

#16. All the colors of autumn, as in a painter’s palette!

#17. A typical autumn morning in Bremen, Germany.

#18. If you want to fully experience autumn, the city of Vienna is one of the most suitable cities.

#19. An adorable black cat in the midst of the beauties of autumn.

We leave you with a quote that perfectly describes the fall season.

As long as there is autumn, I will not have enough hands, canvases and colors to paint the beauty that I see , Vincent Van Gogh.

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