19 People Who Are The Exact Definition Of What It’s Like To Have A Bad Day

We have all been in a not so favorable situation. Sometimes it seems that we get up on the wrong foot and start the day with an attitude that anything can happen to us, even small inconveniences.

If your situation is similar to the last option, this selection of images is for you. In the following 16 photos you will surely be able to find someone who may be having a little worse than you. Keep sliding to see these people who are not having a good time.

#1. A bad day doesn’t beat this photo.

#2. Stuck in the mall.

#3. If you had a bad day, check out this:

#4. My first day as a mechanic, and oh I’m in debt.

#5. 70 inches in the trash

#6. Good Morning

#7. Earth swallow me

#8. My homework burned

#9. The first lesson of the day: do not have breakfast near your computer:

#10. Always wear sunscreen, if you use it, make sure you spread it well:

#11. Nature doesn’t care about the make of your car:

#12. Imagine being the one who took the photo:

#13. When a barbecue gets out of control.

#14. As you might guess, this was not part of the recipe:

#15. I waited a month for my wife’s computer to arrive and when the courier finally arrived, they gave me this:

#16. Always disconnect everything carefully:

#17. This is a bathroom bottle opener, guess where the other part is:

#18. I fell into a bush while riding my bike:

#19. My mask got inside my ear piercing (I have no idea how)

Maybe now you are the one who has a worse day than all the people on this list, but if not, we hope this gallery has brightened your day a bit. Share this note with your friends who you think need a laugh.

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