19 Images That Perfectly Explain Why The Future Has Already Arrived In Japan.

We know it well now, but it’s always surprising to keep finding out: Japan is a land where the future (in the best sense of the word) seems to already be present.

The Land of the Rising Sun is a curious treasure chest, extravagant and full of surprises where modernity and traditions constantly mingle and fit together perfectly. How many everyday objects have been designed and produced here? A large number and that is why the world owes so much to “Made in Japan” ingenuity. But Japan is not only synonymous with technology: you only have to look at the photos that we are going to show you to understand that here the attention to detail and to the well-being of the people is something fundamental and indispensable. , in any situation. Ready to travel to the future?

#1. To prevent the road from freezing, there are special nozzles in this mountainous area that spray water and salt.

image credit: TheWolvis/reddit

#2. The bathroom mirror in this hotel room is heated to prevent fogging.

image credit: mdengler10/reddit

#3. In this elevator, a light signal indicates if it is raining outside and invites you to take your umbrella before going out.

image credit: eigosensei/reddit

#4. Always in a hotel room: a lamp perfectly “cut in half” to provide light or dark according to the needs of the customers.

image credit: Imgur

#5. In this mall, there are refrigerated lockers where you can store fresh food while you make other purchases.

image credit: Imgur

#6. These chewing gums are sold with pieces of paper for easier disposal.

image credit: Jerry_McPhee/reddit

#7. In some Japanese trains, the seats are oriented towards the windows so that the passengers can enjoy the scenery.

image credit: Nazulle/reddit

#8. Why settle for just installing manhole covers? Here, they become works of art!

image credit: Tombo_64/reddit

#9. This staircase is equipped with indications which reveal how many calories one expends when one does not take the elevator.

image credit: reddit

#10. A drainage channel with water so clean that fish live in it!

image credit: Imgur

#11. In the land of the rising sun, it is not uncommon to find these dispensers of wipes to clean the screen of your smartphone

image credit: uwast/reddit

#12. These mounts in tourist places are perfect for holding the phone or camera and taking a selfie!

image credit: Imgur

#13. The parking spaces reserved for people with reduced mobility are “protected” by a barrier which is only raised after inserting a special card proving the handicap.

image credit: Imgur

#14. If the taxi driver is going too fast, just press this button and he will slow down …

image credit: petro26/reddit

#15. Getting around by bike is very easy: with these ramps, you can easily face the stairs in public places!

image credit: reddit

#16. The food and drink vending machines at this station are painted like the real trains running through it!

image credit: BlueHarvestJ/reddit

#17. This “sculpture” made up of speakers is interactive and public: everyone can connect via bluetooth and play their favorite music.

image credit: reddit

#18. This driverless vehicle travels around town and sells food

image credit: 9999monkeys/reddit

#19. This is not a strange ritual: it is just the way airline employees apologize when an unexpected delay occurs.

image credit: chocolat_ice_cream/reddit

Japan is truly a curious and fascinating land, don’t you think?

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