Russian Weddings: 18 Photos So Unlikely They Are Almost Convincing.

Sometimes when we think we have seen it all, even the most incredible things, news arrives that takes us to new horizons of trash and absurdity. We are not exaggerating, because we have decided to select a few images for you that we are sure will leave you in awe, hesitating between laughter and tears.

What are we talking about? Of Russian weddings. There is really something special about wedding photo ops in this country. Impossible – and sometimes even bad – photo retouching, subjects in absurd poses, unusual and often irrelevant settings: all this and much more is contained in Russian wedding albums! After all, extravagance is nothing new in these lands. These photos are so improbable that they almost have an “artistic” value in their own right. Are you ready to discover them all?

#1. The groom in a bottle …

image credit: Pikaburu / reddit

Impossible to restrain a smile in front of such creations!

#2. Mh, where to start?

image credit:

So many questions and so much astonishment … But if they like it! …

#3. No comment.

image credit: anya garrett/Twitter

There really isn’t much to add: Russian wedding style in all its glory!

#4. A proposal that cannot be refused.

image credit: imthepyth/reddit

Surrounded by tanks arranged in the shape of a heart, how to say no?

#5. Everyone poses for the family photo!

image credit: ChristoThurston/Twitter

#6. Launched .. of chickens!

image credit: reddit

In addition to her rather showy dress, we would also have something to say about the gesture they make …

#7. Marriage … at high risk

image credit: Soul_Impact/reddit

A rather “trashy” cliché, don’t you think?

#8. No Russian wedding photoshoot is complete without a pretty (?) Photo montage!

image credit: Pinterest

#9. Speaking of photomontages ….

image credit: yaimichinnoma/Twitter

Does this bride really walk on water ?!

#10. Maybe he finally managed to reach it?

image credit:

#11. A really nice little bear

image credit: motorbot95/reddit

One question: why?

#12. The bride’s dress says it all.

image credit: Jim-05/reddit

#13. These photos that will always be remembered …

image credit: Pinterest

Why not limit yourself to a simple group photo?

#14. They don’t look very happy …

image credit:

Maybe it’s because of the photo? Maybe it was better to go for something more sober?

#15. Warning: the groom did not like the party!

image credit: Pinterest

#16. A real super-husband, for a photo so retouched that it leaves us speechless.

image credit:

What do you think of these wedding photos? Do they deserve a price for their absurdity or their originality?

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