18 Dogs Caught With Their Paws In The Bag, Who Displayed Irresistible Expressions Of Guilt.

How many times have we surprised our four-legged friends in situations that initially made us angry, but only succeeded in bringing up a smile? Dogs are true “masters” at creating small and large household catastrophes, then showing themselves in the loveliest “guilty ” poses.

Silent, with downcast gaze and “innocent” eyes: Rest assured that when we see them doing this they did something they shouldn’t have done. However, beyond the momentary anger, you can’t blame them for too long, precisely because they are adorable troublemakers. Many know this well, and that’s why they decided to create a real challenge on Facebook, for the most “guilty” dog on the web. Don’t miss the photos of these naughty but irresistible animals!

#1. Yes, it is his work: the look and the position say it all.

image cred: Mike Roberts/Facebook

#2. I wanted a little padding, but now I regret …

image credit: Leslie Voyer/Facebook

#3. The calm after the storm.

image credit: Anne Kristi Sørensen / Facebook

#4. He seems sorry he ate my last slice of pizza, doesn’t he?

image credit: Alex Bray/Facebook

#5. The look says it all: he would do it again, but now he feels guilty …

image credit: Javier Treviño / Facebook

#6. He doesn’t seem to have much remorse, he even seems annoyed …

image credit: Mellissa Linde/Facebook

#7. A real moment of shame, facing the wall.

image credit: Katrina Loprete / Facebook

#8. Was it fun? Probably yes…

image credit: Anne-marie Stewart/Facebook

#9. How can you hold a grudge with this expression?

image credit: Tom Webb/Facebook

#10. A vague look, and no one will know it was me …

image credit: Jackie Finley Brothers/Facebook

#11. He looks away too, but the evidence is overwhelming …

image credit: Michaela Ratajczak / Facebook

#12. Too much greed can sometimes lead to complicated situations …

image credit: Kayla Robinson/Facebook

#13. I can’t be mad: he’s just adorable when he looks sorry!

image credit: Sashinka Bogatova / Facebook

#14. Hello human! We have finally dug our “window”!

image credit: Danielle Vandyke/Facebook

#15. Was this cable really that important?

image credit: Ross Boorman/Facebook

#16. He got up early this morning, and ate everything and more … now he may be starting to have a little stomach ache …

image credit: Michelle Floris/Facebook

#17. He’s still licking his lips …

image credit: Lucy Jarvis/Facebook

#18. The moment he realizes what he has done, in three different stages …

image credit: Billie Jack/Facebook

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