18 Dog Stories That Show They Have Big Hearts.

We are used to filling our pets with love and care, but we never imagine that we can get the same from them, and this can make us very happy. How can you not cry when your dog gives you his favorite toy before you leave? Or when, in the middle of the night, your dog follows you to the bathroom because you never know what dangers may lurk around the corner.

In the following list you will find our favorite heroes in 18 stories that show that they care a lot about us, their human friends.

#1. “This is Chloe. Last night he took a bite out of a snake protecting my dad. And she came home today! She is the bravest bitch “

#2. “This is my dog ​​waiting for my dad to come home from work. This is not the best photo, but I think it is very nice! “

#3. “This is Freya. She took me out of a dark place and I have never been happier. “

#4. “This adopted pit bull can’t stop hugging his new owner.”

#5. “My girl brought me a pencil while I was drawing. Looking super cute while doing it too! “

#6. “After a lifelong phobia of dogs, my mom seems to have gotten over it. This is how she and my dog ​​look at each other. “

#7. “My dog ​​has seen me train at home many times and brought me one of my weights.”

#8. “Lola, my grandmother’s dog, will bring you her blanket if she likes you.”

#9. “My family’s dog greets me every morning with a gift. Today it was a pen ”.

#10. “My mother’s dentist’s office has therapy dogs for nervous patients like her.”

#11. “I just want someone to look at me the way my dog ​​looks at me.”

#12. “My dog ​​always needs to touch my arm. We were his fourth home in 11 months. He’s finally home forever and I think he knows it. She always has a leg on me, especially when I’m emotional. “

#13. “My dog ​​brought me a pair of boots when I got home. I am really honored. “

#14. “Although she is a baby herself, she bravely stands guard against birds and squirrels that might dare to threaten her little human.”

#15. “My dog ​​(Kara) is just checking to see if I’m alive in the bathroom.”

#16. “This is Eddie. He works as a therapy dog ​​for children in intensive care. Her bag is full of toys for them. He even wears a hospital ID with his photo on it. “

#17. “Bonnie put her favorite toy in my packed suitcase.”

#18. “I woke up to Leonard going berserk, jumping on me, trying to lick my face at 5am (which he never does), before realizing the fire alarm was going off and there was smoke in the hallway of my complex of apartments ”.

Do you have stories about how your pets love you as much as you love them? Leave us your anecdotes! Share this beautiful note with your family so they can see that a pet not only loves us but would give everything for us.

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